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So I had the pleasure of playing this game since it's available to the public.
I was sort of looking forward to it because the premise seemed ok.
I finished the demo, laughed at the credits, and decided "Ok, it's time for a review".
So here it is, 5 points about this disaster that I will detail.

1. I have no idea what's actually going on.
I knew the basic story of this game, because that's what I'd read. If I didn't know anything about the game and simply played it not knowing what to expect, I still wouldn't know anything.
It starts out with a possessed looking woman ordering the protagonist (named Alex) to get some milk, so naturally Alex leaves the house. You move sideways, and not only end up outside, but you also end up facing south, which is the second error I notice (the first being grammar). You then bump into the other protagonist, Jenifer, who looks strangely like your mum. She gives you a card of some description and then "runs off" (she actually just disappears).
The next thing is you being given free milk, and then reading a newspaper that reveals that your mum is fake, so you run back to the house.
Mum is there with 'Evil 5' in the RTP, and he throws monsters at you in an attempt to "turn you evil". Jenifer bursts in and claims to be from the Future Helper, and says her name is "Jade B. Savior" for some reason. Evil 5 then throws two sets of slimes and bats that blind you constantly, making this a VERY frustrating battle.
After battling for god knows how long, Evil 5 then states that his plan that's five years in the making is now ruined, because you killed his monsters. This is the end of chapter 1.
By this point, all I knew was that your mum isn't real, Jenifer works for this 'Future Helper' thing, and Alex was kidnapped.

Now, in Chapter 2, Jenifer leaves and re-joins the party several times after leaving you to judge where to go next with absolutely no hints whatsoever.
There's an annoying ten minutes full of back-and-forthing, some random girl called Liz, and a search warrant that allows you to search your house, because the fact that it's YOUR house doesn't give you the right to search it somehow.

2. Generic, empty maps.
Every map is poorly laid out and empty. There are tents absolutely everywhere that don't do anything, some man standing in front of a tent that says something about transforming, and flowers that are bunched together.
Not one map makes any sense, and each map actually hurts to walk around.

3. Story progression. There is none.
Every minute, you're given something and told to go somewhere. I actually have no idea why any of this happens, I just do as I'm told because, naturally, you would just follow orders from some woman who works for an organization you learned about five minutes ago that you were forced to join less than a minute ago.
There's a LOT nonsensical dialogue, and some genuinely poorly thought out characters that, in the first two chapters, have absolutely no development whatsoever.

4. The forest.
There is one map in particular that really gets me. There's a forest that you need a permit to get to for some reason (which, by the way, you get given after being allowed to search your house for a letter that makes no sense).
The forest is full of slimes and bats. Always troops of two, and they never combine. It's always either Slime *2 or Bat *2.
Not only is it more blinding bats, but troops appear EVERY SEVEN STEPS.
It repels players, that one bit you dread in a game is only 15 minutes in.
It doesn't help that the map is VERY empty, it's just grass.

5. Miscellaneous.
The BGM changes on every single map, the Portal reference doesn't make any sense (if you go up to a cake, it says "The cake is a LIEZ!!!"), and the NPC's are very boring. For instance, someone in the town center says that the town is over-populated with its population of eight people. It's also mentioned that it has the best people and best technology in the world. There is no tehcnology, and apparently everywhere else around the world, the people are idiots.

-Poorly mapped
-Poor story progression
-Too much thrown at you at once
-Horrible battles
-Boring NPCs

Score: 0.5 because I had to give it a score.


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I love how this is the only game for the contest that anyone's bothered to review so far.
That's because it's in the rankings for worst game to come out of Vx Ace yet. xD
Guardian of the Description Thread
Maybe it's the kind of game that inspires people to make reviews? Though, for the wrong reasons.
Well, that title was extremely straight forward.
I don't like when someone's first review they write here is a 0.5/5. It doesn't bode well for future writings, and makes me skeptical about why they write it.
"0.5 because I had to give it a score."

It's my first review of anything posted here :P
And lol Alex Adventure 2 XD
Everyone loves a sequel~ :)
I actually thought the storyline was a bad joke
Until I found out it was serious... AWKWARD~
I nominate sana to help with the game, skara to help with the dialogue. Guys we need more material for spirits second game. I see big things for this games future.
Lol, sorry I have enough to deal with atm..
so who want it upside down or not upside down of this Heir of The King.
go here http://heiroftheking.wikia.com/wiki/Polls
I don't like when someone's first review they write here is a 0.5/5. It doesn't bode well for future writings, and makes me skeptical about why they write it.

lol making a mountain out of a molehill you are...
I'm a dog pirate
I would like to see reviews made for some of the more serious entries as well!
This was a serious entry, obviously. It was just seriously crappy. lol

I'll try to get around to reviewing something else when I have the free time. I can't speak for skaraflame, though.
Here is a bit of correction and i add down fire in the place.
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