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This is my enterence for the nugget crash course.
As i couldnt get VX ACE working (completely enterbrains fault) until like 5 days before the competition ends, its going to be a really short demo. Basically the first chapter. As a prototype, i expect to go through it again with the rest of trial once the competetition has ended, and polish it. Make the dialogue better. Add more strategy to the battles. And then add another chapter or two.

Anyway, description of the game:
-Chapter 1:
Marcus, son of Death Lord Jeigen, is the true heir to the Death Lord throne.
However, Jeigen gambled away the throne, to a cheater named Sothe. After Jeigens death, Sothe became the new Death Lord and Marcus has sworn to take back his throne.
I suck at writing descriptions... I mean, i barely understand what that says... >.>

-New RTP graphics!
-Death Lords!
-VX ACE stuff!
-Strategic battles! (hopefully)

Latest Blog

The Obelisk thingie

Both the LTs couldnt push the Obelisk. Thats a glitch.. ):

The new download fixes that. You can still only push it from the left though.

Going to upload a new version later which lets you push it from either side (Innovation!) and also fixes that crappy switch puzzle. And makes the Bees a bit stronger. And changes the title music. (I usually leave sound off so i didnt even hear it..)
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  • 03/28/2012 08:53 AM
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who am i and how did i get in here


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