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About the Project
Project Embark (codenamed GTSX-01) is a dungeon-crawling strategy RPG game, whose style is influenced by many games, namely Persona 3, and Sonny (both 1 and 2). Games made by Rhyme, such as Garden and Sundown Project also serves as inspiration and motivation for me, so he (Rhyme) deserves his own credit for this! :D

Then there's also the Nugget Crash Course competition at RPGMaker.net that give me another boost of willpower! Woot!

Lastly, the title *might* be tentative. Hmm.

Project Embark
While the last fortress before the Arvystra Kingdom defends their last line,
The council made their deciding course of action;
They pulled back four elite generals from the frontline, and sent them into the Holy Tunnels to seek aid from the "Divinity" that slumbers deep beneath.
That way, they may turn the tide on this "Great Invasion".

...But why such task must be performed by such people?

What to be Expected from This Game
~A full dark-themed dungeon excursion and dark-themed beasts.
~Strategic, but non-tedious combat that requires full utilization of every single skill (and even weapons!) in your arsenal to stand victorious against your enemies.
~Evented achievement for your bragging rights.
~Pick your skills! Gain two skills when levelling; one granted, and one of your choice.
~Touch encounter, non-traditional way! Sneak behind 'em, or surprise 'em from behind, or let 'em *do* you from behind! Stay vigiliant!
~Hotkeys! Goodbye traditional main menu~

Other stuff
Considering the scale of this project, I expect to finish this within three months.

Due to the Nugget Crash Course's imposing deadline... I'll take out the intro cutscenes as it is very time consuming to work with. Expect the first download to be a full-course dungeon crawling and monster bashing~

Latest Blog

National Exams: DONE!! Continuing development...

The National Exams has ended yesterday on April 19th... WOOOHOOOO!! xD Now I can devote the rest of my miserable hikkikomori holiday into this project!

-I'm now picking a title screen. It will be either Hanzo Kimura's that was converted from VX, or my very own original screen. I can imagine mine would work better, but... what do you think?
-I'm thinking about boss battle design. No, not the boss itself, but how the boss battles are fought. Clue: Action-RPGs style. I'll slap in more details once I've done some eventing.
-Looks like it was a mistake that I did the skills first thing in the morning when I booted up the development. This might mean another long way of balancing, testing, and epic-ing (if possible within my grasp lol).
-Since this game's is a dungeon crawling... I may end up spending more time designing levels than I'd originally planned. Master of the Wind

Yes, for now! :) Time to boot the project back up! w00t!
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Well this looks interesting, so subscribed.
Another dungeon crawler~ ^o^
Woooowww thanks for the subscribe guys! xD first three subscribers and first two comments! 8D

...secret: I'm doing a title screen right now :P

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