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Progress Report

National Exams: DONE!! Continuing development...

The National Exams has ended yesterday on April 19th... WOOOHOOOO!! xD Now I can devote the rest of my miserable hikkikomori holiday into this project!

-I'm now picking a title screen. It will be either Hanzo Kimura's that was converted from VX, or my very own original screen. I can imagine mine would work better, but... what do you think?
-I'm thinking about boss battle design. No, not the boss itself, but how the boss battles are fought. Clue: Action-RPGs style. I'll slap in more details once I've done some eventing.
-Looks like it was a mistake that I did the skills first thing in the morning when I booted up the development. This might mean another long way of balancing, testing, and epic-ing (if possible within my grasp lol).
-Since this game's is a dungeon crawling... I may end up spending more time designing levels than I'd originally planned. Master of the Wind

Yes, for now! :) Time to boot the project back up! w00t!


Ah, so it begins.

To be honest... I didn't really expect this game to pass the portal with that kind of screenies... I mean they were from one damn same room :P

Anyway, with this up now, I just want to announce that I'll temporarily suspend the development until the end of April. You see, there's this grand final exam that I (and everyone in the third grade) am supposed to pass at the first try; else, we'll have to repeat three friggin' of highschool, what the heck -_-" I am therefore forced to cram until the D-Day of final battle from April 16th to April 19th... whew. Deep breath, deep breath... HAAAA----- HOOOOOOO... okay. Here we go.

Wish me luck, and... the download will be up in a few moments :3 it's here. Tell me what you think ~:3
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