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Sin is about the course of life in a single city, and the devistation caused by the seven deadly sins. The counter, the great virtues, may be the only salvation for the souls of the characters, however there is not always salvation to be found. Trial and error may be required, as sadness and despare are always waiting for those who succumb to the pain.

What to expect:
A deep and dark storyline, revolving around 8 different characters from all walks of life.
Numerous puzzles, that require not only the player to think on their feet, but also think outside of the box. Not all answers are right, but no answer is wrong. (unless that answer results in your death)
Blood and violence is always waiting around every corner, wether it is your own or someone elses. However, the game is not all about murder.
A straight forward game, driven by its story and puzzles, rather than by combat.

Progress Report:
Storyline - 75%
Art - 30%
Music - 30%
Maps - 30%
Scripts - 30%
Total - 39%

Latest Blog

Hunting for Help

I am begining to think I don't have ALL the skills required to make this game exactly as I can invision it. However, I do know there are others on this site who do have capabilities that I do not. If you are interested in working with me on SIN as either a tester, scripter, or artist, please let me know.
I could always use someone who can do all three as well.


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This looks rather interesting, lol I'm quite the fan of puzzle games. ;)
I am glad to hear that ;D I have always loved puzzle games myself. I just hope I can do the genre justice.
More puzzles and less combat in RPGs is something I am all for!
Arent we all lol.
The game is very slightly on hold though, until I finish learning RGSS3.
I am glad to hear that ;D I have always loved puzzle games myself. I just hope I can do the genre justice.

Ah, Zero-sama! I really hope you do finish the game! And... how in the sake of Geass, did this slip under the fan radar.

ThorongilAnime (or Ichimaru_Gin)

P.S Just realised that your name isn't Zero, but Eternallight...
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
risk high virus hmmm...
i trust the medium lvl reputation one but...
in anycase its been like 5 months since a update
o well :(
Demo only has a tutorial. No dashing makes getting around extremely slow. Cant open any menus so you dont know how much health/sanity you have. There's very little content, not sure how development would go from here
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