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*I would encourage those who haven't played this game yet, to wait...I'm currently wading through the mess of events in this game and hope to have a new version out by the end of May(Diablo 3 permitting). The maps and events won't change much, however there will be bug fixes and a hefty grammar overhaul.

Over 100 years ago...

The forces of The Dark Lord where pushed back through the Oblivion Gate. The nomadic desert elves, together with The King's elite forces known as the Aces managed to seal the Oblivion Gate. The magical chaotic residue left behind from The Dark Lord slowly began to tear into reality. Seeking the advice of a powerful mage, the chaotic residue was gathered and bound to an infant. Thus The Grivin Priestess was born and The Grivin Sisterhood was established. Led by The Adviser the Sisterhood watches over the Priestess, awaiting the day destiny finds her.


Lorekeeper Barthos has been murdered! You play as The King's Ace's...more than just warriors, they are detectives, adventurers, lovers, and champions of the people. The King has charged you to investigate. Was it a random act of violence or a premeditated crime to cover up a great conspiracy?

Come, discover the truth as you walk in the shoes of The King's Aces!

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So, the idea behind the combat...was that it is mostly optional. The optional monsters are easier, while the "bosses" are a little bit more difficult. The supporting theory for this is that there are no health or mana potions which makes health and mana more valuable. I had hoped to portray this to the player in the pub cutscene about half way through the game with the "potions" bit of dialog, but now i'm feeling that may be a somewhat weak representation of what i was going for. I hope not to many people mind the idea of what they do "now" effecting what/how they can do things "later". I would be interested to hear from anyone who has gotten to that point in the game, if those tiny bits of dialog were enough to maybe peak your curiosity about how the game was going to play out without potions.

I never found the game overly difficult and i'm not sure there is even a need to bring this up, however if you are a battle fiend and love to pop potions so you can get back into the fray...this may not be the game for you.
Should be Aces, not Ace's. ;)
yeah, i'm pretty sure that's correct as well. i'd like to say that this game was an attempt to make my second grade teacher cry...but sadly the truth is the grammar was sacrificed cause i thought we had to make a full game start to finish. amongst my other chagrins are ancient (often represented...anchient in the game) and throne room(as thrown room). i didn't have a lot of time to clean up the grammar, and sadly the story suffered a lot the second week of making this as well. It's not a perfect product but i enjoyed making and i feel like it was a good push for me to get something done in 2 weeks :)
The only issue with having no healing items is that the arena has random encounters which... doesn't help the whole run away thing... ^.^;

Still it's an interesting game, for sure. Just where is the end, by the way?
after you escape Darpleen(either through the crack in the wall, or the fighting through the front gate) then you hit the desert village...the game progresses from there as such:

desert village - throne room - "you see" cellar - evil castle - victory for love and peace...or ya know something like that :)
The path to the bard is clear of random encounters. if you take the first path down(the path that you see tobias walking after the arena scene) once the escape scene starts, once you get the bard you can heal with him...i probably should have blocked off the other path to drive the players down that way first...it wasn't very well thought out :( since no matter if you win or lose in the arena you'll probably need to heal straight away.
You the practice of self-promotion
Just found a bug. After talking to the investigator, I couldn't access the menu by pressing Esc any longer!
Nice, thanks edchuy. :) I think I'm going to leave this one up here(more for me, just so I can try to look at it and remember that one time when I basicly finished that one project). I will see about uploading some sort of "director edition" or something that works out the bugs. I can imagine there are a lot of them, I didn't really get much of a chance to play test through this before the end of the contest(at least not more then...well once). In fact having a menu at the start of the game is a bug as well. I had plan'd on not having a menu until after the name input screen.
Next week I plan on going through this game and working out as many game play bugs and grammar errors as I can find. The game is playable through to the end, however it seems there are a few bugs that could be "game killers" and a few that are just silly. I'm still very proud of this game, as I'm sure most every developer for the NCC 2012 is. Making a game in two weeks I think is very commendable on any level. Still two weeks isn't a lot of time to really hammer out a smooth game(at least not for me, considering this is my first game and basically my 4th and 5th week of using rpg maker, the first few were for the "Let's make a scene" contest)
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