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**As of October 2017 the game is being worked on again hopefully to be finished this month. Some details on this page may be subject to revision.**

**The current download belongs to the OLD version of the game. Unless you want to play it twice to see how it's changed, I recommend waiting till the end of October.**


Other Details
This game was created for the Nugget Crash Course here at RMN. I tried to keep it as small as I could...and well, this came out. It was going to be a full game in 15 days, but since that proved impossible, it became a demo on April 1st.
Currently the I have released the thrird and last demo before the final, full release.

This game belongs to the Arum world, the RM Universe.

A short sequel to the game exists. Made for a contest: In Search of Clues, which you can find here.

Latest Blog

A Wild IGMC appears...

We had high hopes at the start of this event about finally completing Dragons but I think that at this point it's looking like even a new demo isn't going to happen. The biggest challenge and unexpected development was the surprise return of IGMC, we resisted at first but after a few days the allure was simply too great. Reworking old things (5 years old in this case) isn't overly fun when compared with making something new. We still hoped to complete both games but if you've ever completed an rpg maker game for a content you will probably know the feeling of the crunch time that comes at the end, ours was for the whole last week of the contest and at the end of it we were both burnt out. On the second last day of the contest Indrah distributed an encrypted copy of the game to testers and they all reported horrendous lag on the first major puzzle map which we eventually traced to the encryption being the cause. This meant redesigning, re-implementing and re-testing (multiple times) the whole of that section of the game (and staying up to the early hours to get it out to american play testers - who are awesome by the way). For me this certainly took a lot out of me and after subtmitting Abyssal Shine: Nevermelt we agreed to take a few days off - which very easily turned into a week. At that point we knew there was no chance of finishing In Search of Dragons in the time limit but we both reiterated our desire to see it completed.

While we have only put a good week (and a few bits since) into Dragons there was good progress, on Indrah's front certain parts of the story needed adjustments to accomadate changes in the Arum world, the whole final act of the story has been re-written, new areas mapped ready for eventing. On the first day alone Indrah passed me a document several thausand words long to review with the story. On my front things were a little different, it's not so much carrying on as starting something new but with a few restrictions based on pre-exisiting content. I had started something once before the last time we worked on Dragons (and my first time) but it wasn't that far into development and it was akin to the systems you would find in In Search of Immortality and being as Dragons and In Search of Freedom are probably the last VX Ace games we're going to do, I wanted to create something more interesting and the opportunity won't exist in Freedom. So I have effectively started over again. There are two key systems I was working on, the skill system allows for you to level up skills in three skill trees (which I only started working on yesterday), then you have the rune system which has multiple parts. The runes are going to make up the majority of enemy drops and some key finds - and I can't be the only person who hates databasing an arbitrary number of equipment - so the vast majority of the runes are randomised and generated based on a few key aspects. The runes will come in different types; stats, skills, class and item (if I had time). Stat and skills runes are largely straight forward, class runes would level up several skills at once (effectively acting as a base class you could customise with the skill system), item runes haven't moved beyond the ideas phase so I'll skip them for now.

To create a new demo I would have to finish all the custom systems first before moving onto all the other parts that would need updating - enemies etc. While I think it's feasible I could get the systems done there would simply be no time for proper testing and it would require another crunch time just three weeks after the last one and I really don't think I have it in me. If I do finish the systems I might try and throw a short gameplay demo together which shows off the systems but otherwise I am afraid In Search of Dragons won't be completed in the next month.

I will just add that we both loved the idea of the contest and that it was just unfortunate timing with the IGMC, I personally would love to see the contest return soon - though I understand some people were upset at there not being the annual horror game (maybe the ressurection jam could become the spring cleaning event where you clean your back catalogue?).

Thank you to everyone who supported us through these last couple of months,

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  • 11/20/2017 11:41 PM
  • 10/31/2017
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Pages: 1
This looks "really" nice, good luck in the contest. :)
Yeah im checking this out today.
<3 Hnnnghh... It is pure win for me. x3 And I hope it results in a win for you~

@everyone: -3- This is enjoyable and Indrah's character writing is always entertaining and makes the characters lovable. You better try this out indeed <3
Resident foodmonster
Yeah this game is nice. The only issue I had was getting lost and wondering what to do at a certain point but other than that, it wasn't bad at all. I like the item system, it lets you explore around to find stuff instead of just being obviously there.
I d/l the game but get a RPGVX ACE rtp.
Sorry to ask what I am sure is a riciulously simple question but how do I do this?
Looking forward to playing.
If you mean "how do i get the ace RTP" then simply download if from here and install it. :)
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
"In Search of Dragons" would be the correct English.
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
author=Max McGee
"In Search of Dragons" would be the correct English.

Or The Search for Dragons
author=Max McGee
"In Search of Dragons" would be the correct English.
Or The Search for Dragons

Indeed. Though I've always thought the game looks nice, that detail always bothered me.

Irregardless, keep up the good work Kentona!
Um...Kentona why? :I

Also I will say this as nicely as I am able: it is rather offputting that most comments seem to be about title grammar instead of the game. I already said I would fix that.

Come on people, throw me couple words here if you played the demo OTL
I just realized something. Because Owen is good at dancing, the sexy tactic works a lot.
Um...Kentona why? :I

Holy flipping cow I dun goofed. My apologies! For some reason I read Kentona when I read the game owner. My bad, sorry.

"Keep up the good work, Indra!"*
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
So, although my vision is not great, I'm not as "Holy flipping cow" blind as TheRexion but I do have a question.

Target Completion Date 12/01/2012

Since this is 2/13/14 and I see a Demo and not Complete Game in the downloads....
can I please ask if the game is done so I can unsubscribe and download the game to have a fun time or what ??? :)
Ahaha, that is obviously gone way past. THere were a lot of factors invovled, but basically once I started working with Fomar we started making new projects (and mostly finishing so hey, that's something) and this got pushed away to the backburner.

I can only promise it'll be finished some day, but I can't really say when.

We want to tackle it after our current project, but we will see. When it's done, I'll say ;)
Not liking this one at all. It was fine when I could level up, but after the spider cave and the wayyy too long cut scenes, with my party at only level five, I'm getting my ass kicked by rats and bats who neither drop items or give experience. Seriously pissing me off. I'm done with this one.
As stated the demo past the big itnerlude is pretty raw and buggy. (It ends right after the rats place too).

When the final build comes out most of the game's gameplay will be compeltely remade (as well as heavy changes to the story all around).
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts

so many whys right at the start XD the noble aside.
why is a trained merc lvl 1?(no exp in battle!?)

why is this guy so obsessed??? is someone important to him sick or something and dragons blood is the only cure???

why are you traveling with a rich person yet have 0 gold???
odd you can use certain non healing skills out of battle
Flex,lightning spear,burn,guiding star,swiftness
while some are pointless others allow you to have buffs b4 getting into a battle

wow merial is hax lol

some key items don't seem to have a purpose...like the frog why cant you give it to the little girl? that was the whole point of taking it


im surprised this didn't get more attention. demo or not it was quite entertaining
is my favorite character!
shes a
loveable and epic character

there was also a few optional things i found that were a nice touch! :D
when it came to the part with the flashback. i was really REALLY glad you
did not go too dark with it...i was expecting something sickening

the encounter rate was nice and low and game play is 3-4 hours

guh! want more! : O hoping game still in development? :D please if possible kind sir finish this and pm me when you do?

Recommend to people who like a ok-good story with a fair amount battles
Glad you enjoyed it. I want to finish the game sometime, but it's at a low priority since it's quite old and needs to be revamped gameplay-wise (the person who did the gameplay for the demo is not around anymore) and overall I'm too caught up with other projects.

So it'll get finished some day, but I can't really say when.
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