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Created for the RMVX Ace Nugget Crash Course, Obelisk: Devilkiller is a turn-based RPG centered around a unique collection of battle mechanics designed around the concept of a small army toppling mighty foes.

In this 3-5 hour romp, you'll fend off a horde of powerful bosses as twelve elite warriors - seven of which you'll have to save from your enemies. After you're done building and customizing your army with demonic Essence, the ultimate rival awaits you in his horrible fortress!

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So, uh, I released Obelisk: Devilkiller. If people like it, I'll most likely expand it to be what I originally intended with more bosses and dungeons and items and Craze-y goodness.

The game's about 2-5 hours, and so non-linear it hurts. (Really. You will be physically injured due to facepalming when you make a stupid mistake and die for it.) For a game made in eight days, I'm pretty proud of it, and I'm excited as hell to get this battle system out in the open.

  • Completed
  • Craze
  • NewBlack
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 03/30/2012 02:53 PM
  • 03/02/2016 08:26 PM
  • 04/01/2012
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Uh... did you guys delete my post here? :<

I swear I posted this earlier, but the Final Boss is the only Boss I managed to beat.
the Final Boss is the only Boss I managed to beat.

w - what, that is ridiculous XD

and I know nothing about your earlier post :<
Yep, Ogre and Sephiroth unapologetically beat my ass, then I went to the evil castle and managed to beat the devil with all five party members alive c:
Titania healing was ginormous and not too difficult to activate, Princess is useless 90% of the time and godly the last 10%, and Felix had that essence that restored HP when dealing criticals, and he did very often.
Or maybe there were level ups upon dying? I died two times against those bosses before heading to the final boss, so perhaps that's it.

And... I guess my previous post was imaginary then. Okay.
congratulations, you have now won all the obelisks

also you are 20x better at this game than I am
I like this game a lot. Though I must say, the lack of a sense of progression and advance with your characters is quite depressing lol... It lacks a sense of... "I'm doing something well" that you feel when your damage hits the 4 digits in FF or something.

Also the beginning was really really really really awkward.

Otherwise, it was a good game. Nice strategic value, etc. Though I must say Princess being useless 90% of the time and really good the other 10 was really annoying <_<
In the "full game" that this is a glorified battle demo of, all Mages will have auras that aid you in combat - Princess will likely raise the entire party's Solar damage/resistance by 10% simply by being there, and Illinois the same for Lunar. (The other two mages will be a bit more interesting, haha; Nynavae will cause enemies to take 50 damage each hit and Eon will lower the party's arcana (SP) costs by 10%.) I simply did not have the time to do everything I wanted (along with a nicer start/tutorial area...) due to the contest.

Thanks for playing and commenting, though. I'm glad you like it. =3
I actually didn't mind the whole- couple people mention a few important details- than toss you to your own devices thing. >> It avoided the whole thing I normally despise about tutorials.

That being said, I'm sort of curious- Just how many areas/bosses are there? I beat the ogre guy (Like a redheaded step child)..than met this golem dude who I am gathering is some sort of burst/blitzer guy- since he'll do 2 or 3 attacks a turn..and then suddenly stomp me in 6 or so consecutive actions. >>

Edit: >> So I moved onto the icy area to see if I might have better luck. Unforunately- I seem to be getting game crashes during fights? I'm not exactly sure what's triggering it :<. Asofar, it's happened at Angelika, if that helps at all. (With a party of...Darren, Princess, Felix, Titania, Carmilla). And, generally on Darren or Titania's turn? (The error message said something about a skill trigger?)
dfghyjk,lmnbvcfdgthjmnbvc i don't get that error but anaryu also gets it (without any real cause except during a skill) ffffffffffffffffffff


Five areas + final boss
Five big bosses, two minibosses, final boss
Five areas + final boss
Five big bosses, two minibosses, final boss

Good to know on what I have left to kill =)

P.s. Gawddamnit. Happened Again.

"Script "YEA Battle Engine' line 2785: NoMethodError occured.

undefined method 'set_skill' for nil:NilClass

Hope that helps?

P.P.S. Progress wise, I beat up the giant tin can, Angelique, The windy thing & The ogre. I would have knocked Cerryberrys teeth out- ...But well. I was afflicted by that nasty glitch yet again..

On the other hand, I discovered that The paladin is the best blitzer in the game. (3 of those healing bells + his normal attack? 15 Burst generated every round =D, That and 3 troll jars pretty much has him able to spam his amazing defense ability every time it runs out. >> With the other tank in the party. Well. Alot of defense essences, 2 of those aggro attracting items, and a never ending guard are wonders, for the sake of just turtling until you can generate either the 30 SP necessary to wipe out most mobs..or the 70 SP I was trying to save up for Cerberus. Until, well. The game crashed. :<.)
I get the same error message as Arlyeon.

It's a shame because the game is interesting and a good challenge but almost unplayable because of that error (and it's only ever happened outside of the Ogre cave. Once beyond there is when the error occurs each time)
I've beaten most of this, and I'm planning to do a fuller write-up later, but I just hit Lord Septimus. Pardon my language, but what the eff? Is there some arcane secret to him, or is he just supposed to be a ridiculous series of coin flips? He takes anywhere from one to six actions with no pattern that I've been able to discern. When one of those possible attacks does 500 damage and can inflict full party sleep, this makes the battle losable at basically any moment. You can rotate your roster, sure, but none of that really matters when I've only found one character capable of curing sleep, and they're weak to Lunar. If the tank goes down, he can and will OHKO them.

I'm pretty sure I can beat him, but it's going to require 1) that he takes no more than four actions a round, or at least misses most of them and 2) that he keeps the sleep spam to a minimum and it NEVER hits Princess. I don't think that counts as 'fun' under anyone's dictionary.
I splattered Septimus. I've splattered him -hard-. But to do so, I had to get a full party of lunatics. From there, I put a fair bit of tank gear and aggro attraction on Darren (lunatic Tank), aaand, basically proceeded to just sit there and slowly farm up BP.

Basically, if you're relying on him -not- attacking six-8 times in a row at some point or another? You're kidding yourself. He doesn't do it -consistantly- but he does do it with a certain degree of frequency every so often. And, quite frequently, he'll pop the sleep spell out during this time, which can and will be devastating to any Solari in your party.

That's not to say Solari are useless in that fight- but you should take advantage of being able to switch members of your party in and out, so as to be able to plink him with damage.

But, seriously? Don't have princess out unless you have something like 60+ BP. It's a waste, otherwise. Use Carmilla (Who I still adore due to the shenanigans from sage mara), and the gunner to gradually get yourself ready. If you have the samurai-ko, occasionally poisoning him is also good. >> Once you're sufficiently ready, (And he's just done some major spam, and has been aggro'd by Darren), you pop princess out, and proceed to spam delicious combustion. Also make sure you can use her self heal + buff. it's useful. Especially when you start dealing 500-700 damage to yourself.

Also, the lunatic healer/archer - her bow shot hits twice, builds -decent- BP, and makes everyone else more likely to be able to spam skills. And carmilla's 70 SP skill (60 SP with her current stat build) definitely needs that SP, if you use her.

So yeah. Far from impossible.

tl;dr Keep all your solari out of the fight as much as you can, have darren keep aggro- and keep him healed. (And Spam his SP guard every turn, or you will regret it). If you get fubar'd with sleep, bring princess in if necessary. But yeah. You don't want people he's strong against in the fight- he'll just crush you further. And if any of your characters die? He gains more attacks.

If you're thinking you can just tackle this head on with a party, you're -sadly- mistaken. I had to specifically adjust my entire party and gear to this fight. (And I promptly got the ability to become super ridiculous after it. The stuff from Septiumus chest is super amazing. >> Though it isn't quite as broken as the combo I discovered in the above spoiler. That's even worse.).
...um, so apparently I recorded everything surrounding the actual battle. Ugh, silly Fraps hotkeys.

Still, I just took a completely fresh (no Essence, only F/P/D/T/C party) and got him down to ~5% HP before dying. A FEW TIPS:
  • Felix is a Solari, but his evasion increases dramatically as his SP raises. Use Sniper's Mark when you plan on a blitzing turn (SMark -> Bullet Spray -> Swashbuckle -> Possible Fae Release), but otherwise let it build up when Darren dies. He'll have something like 60% evasion at 100% SP. Get some SPD+ on him and he'll be dodging almost every single attack Septimus can throw at him
  • Guard EVERY TURN with Darren. Purge Thyself should be used immediately before Darren does any other action if he is Exhausted (The "...", which increases costs). It might be worth putting some Wings of Bat on Darren, or other Lunar resist+ Essence. Don't try to protect Princess, because you should be Crimsoning her before she uses Pyroclasm every time after her first (unless you've Fae Released enough to bust out a Fiery Promise -> Pyroclasm chain)
  • FAE RELEASE BUILDS SP. This is how Princess/Carmilla are going to rock this fight. Carmilla's Mystic Fencer inflicts Lunar/Solar Down, as does Tiring Sabre. Don't use Tiring Sabre too often until Darren dies, since Drowsy will only then be truly useful for the accuracy reduction compared to BP cost
  • SWASHBUCKLE INFLICTS SPEED DOWN. On your first turn, do this:
    ---Sylvan Boon on Carmilla (to negate the miss rate on Swashbuckle)
    ---Bullet Spray
    ---Purge Thyself
    ---Demonic Cut
  • DEMONIC CUT EVERY OTHER TURN. If Darren is not Provoking, you are doing it wrong. (Although, if you have Sirius, load him up with Lunar resistance+ gear and Eternal Protectors (for additional on-damage SP). Sirius will accrue an amazing amount of SP between Fae Release and tanking, which will allow for consistent healing and let Princess pump out Fiery Promises
  • Ebon Etherium use will shut down Septimus. Let Darren use it often

If you're thinking you can just tackle this head on with a party, you're -sadly- mistaken. I had to specifically adjust my entire party and gear to this fight. (And I promptly got the ability to become super ridiculous after it. The stuff from Septiumus chest is super amazing. >> Though it isn't quite as broken as the combo I discovered in the above spoiler. That's even worse.).

That combo wasn't supposed to exist, haha. There were supposed to be three Fortune Berries and one of the Bells, but I swapped the drops accidentally. Not that it still wouldn't be incredible on Kristoph, but not broken. =/
Leave it to me, to break the games I play. =D. But, yeah- I dunno. Even with Ebon on, and Darrius at something like 43 percent Dark resist, And guarding- he still swallowed 2.5 k damage in one turn. >> (from one of the super spam turns). It's why I ended up approaching this fight with the..take advantage of my ability to live through your attacks, even if he proceeds to arbitrarily AOE the party several times. OR spams crits against the tank through a turn. (I do believe Darren was dead by the time my fight ended).

I also didn't have the super Kristoph combo until after. >> Because I didn't have Kristoph yet. That's what I'm going to be fighting Kerberos with, though. Should be fun.

Anyways << Let me have my amazingly innovative hilarity combo. Especially with Trolls blood, for the infinite defensive buff chain. >>
I did beat Septimus shortly after posting that, so I didn't actually see those posts until after I'd beaten the game. Oops. I was more griping than asking for help, but I appreciate the input regardless!

One of my main problems was that I was reluctant to use Darren; if I had to guess, I'd say the set_skill crash bug is tied to specific party combinations. With the group I had, using Darren caused it to crash on occasion, but it was stable with Sirius out. I gave that up pretty quickly, though. (The best example of this: The starting party is stable, but replacing Carmilla with Bardoc seems to result in occasional crashes. I was fighting randoms in the ice area when I discovered this, if it matters.)

My specific problems with the fight were the unpredictability and the Sleep status on his group attack. Some variability is fine, but the boss going anywhere from one to seven attacks is kind of absurd, and the lack of revival really stings when one character is simultaneously the only one capable of curing sleep and doing real damage to the boss.

More general thoughts under the tags:

The battle system is wonderful. Balancing cooldowns, SP, and Burst leads to some really interesting decisions, and it feels great when you get a good party flow going. Please add cooldown somewhere to the skill descriptions, though. It's kind of annoying to trial-and-error your first time playing.

A listing of the specific effects of statuses somewhere in-game would be nice. I talked to all of the NPCs, but despite playing through the game and beating all of the bosses, I still haven't figured out the specific effects of Curse, Solar/Lunar Up/Down, Speed Up/Down, etc. Some are easy to suss out, but even if you know that Armor Up increases defense, how much does it add? Does it affect physical close, physical ranged, AND magical, or some subset of those? That kind of thing.

It seems odd to me that ranged is straight-up superior to melee. Melee has to deal with extra evasion from flying enemies and resistance from armored enemies, but ranged is effective against the first and neutral to the second. True, there's a few Essences that counter ranged, but enemies don't have access to those. Are melee attacks supposed to be inherently better to compensate for this?

Character thoughts:

Felix: I really like Potshot's lack of a turn cost. Other than that, he's very solid. Probably the second-best Blitzer.

Princess: The way Fiery Promise can make you seesaw dementedly from 'ahh I'm dying!' to 'look at that damage!' to 'ahh I'm dying!' again is a great mix of hilarious and effective, especially since it also has no turn cost. The fact she makes your damage potential so lop-sidedly Solar is kind of strange, though; no one else really ever comes close to her damage potential, so Solar resistance becomes disproportionately powerful and other Solar attacks become correspondingly less useful. If it's taking good damage from Solar, Princess should be killing it instead.

Darren: Solid. Still don't know what lowering speed does or what counts as 'hexes,' though. Curse and Exhaust, I think?

Titania: The fact SP carries over from battle to battle makes Fae Release very interesting to use, since it encourages hoarding SP during random battles so that she can build Burst and SP for the rest of your party in boss fights. I'm not sure how I feel about her healing, though. Even with her in the party, boss fights feel very much like time limits, because you start at full HP and she more slows the enemy's damage output than actually heals it away. She just can't really heal enough. I'm assuming that was intended.

Carmilla: She feels badly balanced, especially for a starting party member. At the start, your Burst and SP gain abilities are weak, and her long cooldown on Swashbuckle means that she can only really contribute every three turns. She's better later, especially if you run into randoms with a lot of enemies, but she's actively painful to use early. Even once she hits 70 SP and you can build Burst quickly, she feels weak; sure, she can build a lot of Burst at the start of a fight and get most of her SP back, but if you're unlucky with Sleep, she's useless, and you only seem to get the SP from her Role if they don't already have the status. Bosses are even worse.

Bardoc: Synergizes very well with Illinois. Without him, he seems dicier. SMT has made missing cause me physical pain, so I didn't get too much use out of him. I might try those two together in my main party if I play through again.

Illinois: Seems questionable outside of use with Bardoc. Does okay damage, but Princess does about as much to resistant enemies as he does on a weakness. He does it to groups, but group damage isn't actually that useful; you want to eliminate targets one-by-one, after all. Freezing seems okay, but most enemies aren't that evasive anyway.

Xiang: Holy crap. Xiang practically gets her own tier in terms of usefulness. Synergizes very well with Felix, since you should be using Sniper's Mark first turn all the time anyway. You can Shadow Slice every turn, Dark Guidance makes it incredibly easy for her to build SP, and Sakura Moon means she can turn her SP into incredible amounts of Burst for an every-round action and then get most of that SP right back. She does pretty good damage too, and Sakura Moon means she doesn't care about fliers. She only ever left my party against Septimus, and that's only because he was armored.

Sirius: Darren outclasses him; Darren can build Burst, do damage, and guard. Sirius has better Solar resistance, but that's pretty much it. Sirius's SP gimmick is okay, but most characters just aren't that SP-hungry, and the healing never gets better than okay. 'Okay' is a pretty good word for Sirius.

Hana'an: This character is in the wrong game. She'd be good if healing was good and you could play defensively. As it is, she doesn't do very mcuh damage, and her self-sufficient long-lasting style just really doesn't work here.

Apnis: Pretty good. Her healing is really good by this game's standards, and Judgment is very good for randoms. The Firefly status doesn't seem very strong, though; I didn't notice much of an increase in enemy aggro. It's possible I was just unlucky, though.

Kristoph: Would be useless if it wasn't for the Bell trick and the ability to switch characters at the start of turn. Still doesn't seem that useful. Defense just isn't very strong in this game, and his role is awful when he has nothing natively to draw attention to him.

I'm looking forward to the games that'll use this battle system.
In response to the above post:
Darren & kristoph have a fantastic Synergy. You use a properly set up Kristoph as a blitzer (Thus generating 15 BP every term), and use his defense boost ability (By stacking troll bloods on Kristoph) to make your party altogether harder to kill (And it essentially never runs out). This -really- shines, when you have Darren in the party, who is guarding. Once that defensive buff is on, you just use kristoph for the BP- and have Darren soak hits though provoke, + some of that aggravating headware, for when provoke fails (or enemies shed provoke). Basically. Kristoph might not be the greatest on his own, but with proper gear and synergys, he rocks the ever living fawk out of things.

Also Illinois I found less mind boggingly awesome at bosses...and More fantastic for absolutely obliterating random encounters. If you tone down his SP costs with essences, he can just SPAM aoe spells on everything and the fight ends 2 or 3 turns in. >> Delightfully efficient.
Felix is a Solari, but his evasion increases dramatically as his SP raises. Use Sniper's Mark when you plan on a blitzing turn (SMark -> Bullet Spray -> Swashbuckle -> Possible Fae Release), but otherwise let it build up when Darren dies. He'll have something like 60% evasion at 100% SP. Get some SPD+ on him and he'll be dodging almost every single attack Septimus can throw at him

Incidentally. I do believe Felixs' evasion actually hits something like..43% or so, at 100% SP, unless you stack alot of essences on him. And I more focused on boosting the frig out of his crit, and his darkness evasion. (That was, with 4 mauve shawls. 71%? something like that. Good against the element that smites him, anyways.)
In the end I was able to finish the game (the error appeared MUCH less frequently when played full screen) and I LOVED it!

I thought it was a lot of fun, once you get into the little system you created -

You get major props from me! ^_^

(I especially enjoyed how you made each character different in their own way, including having a little back story)
Princess burns HP and BP insanely fast... as Kristoph insanely fast heals and builds BP with Holy Water.
Dunno if this was intentional but they truly are meant to be together.

In the end I was able to finish the game (the error appeared MUCH less frequently when played full screen) and I LOVED it!

Funny thing I never encountered that error until I read about it. Then I encountered it like four times in a row.
I had some trouble with Lord Septimus my first time. By which I mean "tried four times and never even got him to half health before being sleep-bombed to death." But when I came back with Hana'An he was a pushover. Never, ever underestimate the power of Liaison.
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