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Synthesis Fixed?!

I didn't even know it was broken until NicoB couldn't synth anything!

The latest version is now updated along with the RTP-Free version.


Version 1.1: Blank Effect Crash Fix Added

If you tried to Synthesize a blank item into another, and it crashed on you, you were likely trying to move an effect/feature that DIDN'T EXIST into your right item.

That is no longer possible! (in the latest version)


Media Update and Poster Image!

We've added a ton of screenshots, probably should have added these earlier, sorry that we didn't get around to it until today!

And for checking this post, here's some fun art in a poster format:



Boutalles is now live!

If you're not of the RTP persuasion there's a 200+MB file that doesn't require the RTP.

I know the screenshots are of the best parts of this super short entry, but hopefully there are other parts that are almost as exciting!
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