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Originating as a World's Dawn minigame, LockBall is a challenging sports simulator that pits you against 7 unique opponents in exhibition matches or a gauntlet-style tournament. Learn the rules of the sport and level up 3 different skills (strength, trickery, and junction) as you gain experience on the field.

Compete in tournament mode to become the LockBall champion, unlocking new opponents and character skins along the way! You can even use a special passcode to carry your progress over into World's Dawn (as soon as the Spring season of that game is released).

LockBall doesn't feature any vast kingdoms or epic plotlines... Instead, it's meant to be played for a fast-paced pick-me-up when you have a few minutes to kill. I hope you enjoy it!

Website: waywardprophet.com

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  • 03/30/2012 03:43 PM
  • 02/03/2023 11:22 AM
  • 04/07/2012
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Oh, man! This looks COOL! I loooooved playing LockBall in World's Dawn! :3
I think the movement mechanics don't suit this type of game. I didn't have much fun playing.
Implementing pixel movement would be a huge step forward and make the game much more entertaining in my opinion. I believe there are scripts for that.
I'm definitely playing this. I always thought sports in RM have a lot of charm.
Thanks for the comments! I hope you get a chance to play it and when you do, be sure to let me know what you think!

@Avee: I can see where you're coming from, and if I had set out to make a sports game from the beginning (instead of adding one into World's Dawn) I would have most likely looked into pixel movement over tile-based movement. I'll keep your suggestion in mind for future projects!
Submitted a review and it has been accepted.
Great! I appreciate you taking the time to write a review!
I played this in World's Dawn and found it harder than Dark Souls. :P
Ha, it definitely helps to start with easier opponents! Playing this version is good because it allows you to go through them one by one as they get harder.

Still, I know everyone's not going to like it which is why it's a completely optional part of World's Dawn.
Nice little game, I still haven´t figured out how to kick the ball down when it´s on the top side line.
I don´t play so technical, I just steal the ball, run pass the opponent and shoots at the goal XD
1v1 soccer game. Most of the opponents are extremely slow, so they are very easy to defeat. But paxel, man that guy is fast. I lost to him once, but i managed to take him out by doing corner fouls because he freezes when the ball gets pushed back by corners and i can rush the goal from there. Nice game.
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