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Temporary Download

Apparently people are getting a "download limit exceeded" thing trying to download. If you get that, use this link instead:

...tomorrow or sometime one of will make a post mortem post on the release, but for now we're all dead tired.


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Right now I like to think this is an accurate post-mortem.

How exciting it all was! I will go back to sleep really hard now.
Apparently this person had a nosebleed of rainbow proportions~ xD Oh wait, nevermind that's rainbow sherbet vomit. :3
rainbow sherbet vomit

Her normal self apparently.
rainbow sherbet vomit
Her normal self apparently.
Actually she normally has rainbow fluids leaking from every orifice, instead of just vomiting.
Sorry, all this talk about bodily fluids of unidentified origin got me confused >.<
*cough* like I was saying this is a very cute game but it would have been cuter if it didn't crash on me just now ;_;

Happened when I had the museum exposition full, and was about to swap an item.

It's a pretty refreshing experience overall though.

EDIT: Also, greek dude is spelled Themistocles.
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