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The version of the game available for download is the contest build. If you’ve played you probably noticed that a couple things were missing, such as achievements and specialties. There are plenty of bugs to fix and features to add, so we’ve given psy_wombats a family sized can of bug spray and shoved him into the Ruby jungle. Let’s hope he doesn’t fail this mission - I hear it’s a fatal one, and without him and Happy this project wouldn’t exist.

Happy took a super short break! He’s already back to designing missions, after cranking out almost 50 in like 3 days for the contest build. The full version of the game is planned to last one year, not 2 months, so there’s plenty of work to keep him busy. As if all the missions and system graphics weren’t enough, Adventure Ace might end up with its own original music! Happy says more on the subject here, and if you have any kind of opinion on the matter I encourage you to click the link and take a look. Feed us your opinions as if they are manna from heaven, we will gladly lap them up.

I’m giving a shout out to Kentona and Zeuzio, too, both have helped with mission design. Kentona dug up a great set of treasures for us to use and Zeuzio has also been a great help!

You have Melkino to thank for the CSS that dons this page, but she’s also responsible for the lovely guild backdrops that show up as you play. Her mapping helps a menu-based game like this seem less abstract; at least you can see your base of operations! We promise it’s an actual place and you aren’t sending out adventurers on dangerous missions while operating from a rundown shack in the middle of nowhere and refusing to give your employees any kind of salary or benefits. (The lifestyle of a TRUE Adventure Bum.)

I guess I’ve done a lot too, but most importantly this has been a team game and everyone involved has put in great effort! As per usual Jalen keeps me from launching into the atmosphere (OTL~~~~~~~~~~~~) and has been testing and helping out with some graphical stuff, too.

With all of the kudos out of the way, some things you have to look forward to:
Adventure specialties
This was partially coded, as you may have noticed in the demo. Each adventurer can have randomly generated specialties, such as earning a bonus in fame when sent out on missions, completing missions faster, or an incredible talent for cup stacking. As of this writing there’s not a finalized list of potential specialties, so you might be surprised at what ends up going in.

Achievements & Artifacts
Yes these will actually be coded in, too. Both are very important aspects of the game, but we just didn’t have time to get them in. Achievements are the mark of a true ACE, and artifacts are super rare treasures with their own special quest chains.

Graphical bells & whistles
A menu with colored in portraits! Unsquished text! Sprites! We’d like to have special maps/short cutscenes for when an adventurer finds an artifact or when they die, and now that we aren’t staring down deadlines we have time for the little things.

And dildos batons. But mostly shenanigans.


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I am looking forward to the custom shenanigans system. <3
solos collectors on purpose
Fun fact: dildos have been around since ancient times!

oh hey, a treasure idea *shot*
Devil's in the details
Fun fact: dildos have been around since ancient times!

oh hey, a treasure idea *shot*

It was probably the first treasure Penta suggested!

I mean, batons.
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