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Let's Try 1 & 2

Just so you guys know, on my second playthrough, i think your game heard for my prayers for more Marias and I got tons of her. And this was the result:

I'm a high class bum!


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Devil's in the details
Oh, hey. That is currently the only title you may get because the collection worth doesn't show properly in the ending screen!

And yeah, there's a plan to make it more visible which groups have treasures available for museum view & selling. (+ lot of other small tweaks and upgrades)

As for achievements, they aren't in the game yet! And as for stats, I'm going to include a tutorial that explains them a bit, or how you should go about them!

ps. the game general concept is mainly by me and Psy, though Penta and bob_esc did partake the discussions, and kentona made bunch of treasures! Clear credits probably inc later, too.
Oh yeah, I hope that you guys nail this down too, but I keep getting the jade dragon thing twice? I think two missions have it as the same item, just thought I might as well add it into here :D

I can't wait to see what the stats actually do too~
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