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Years after the death of Kyle McGuyver, his son and Roy have moved to a new island. The Island of Doom, where the Castle of Doom is. This is so that one day, Dude Jr. will be able to best his father's killer. It will be his last quest. His... Omega Quest.

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Devil's in the details
the game froze when I talked to the crystal in the castle of DOOM :c

until then it was pretty awesome.
when u get to the last boss and u defeat him...and u go to chrystal...game freezes..is that end of demo??ty for any info...
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Yes, it is the end of the demo, sorry. It was rushed and I made a mistake in the very last moment of the game. We're releasing a better balanced, no bugs version of the demo shortly.
I want someone to do a let's play of this so I can see what it's like.
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