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Blades or Arrayos
An rpg I am working on to "test the waters" with RPG Maker VX Ace.
The demo should have about two to three hours of playable material.
Hope you enjoy it. :)

Blades Of Arrayos is a tale of a mercenary's journey through the land of Aria. Raven, the mercenary, and his companion Terris get caught up in political and social issues in the kingdom while pursuing a bounty to get some extra gold. They will travel around the world with companions of all niches in an epic journey to reform and save the kingdom from the vile knight Keros, who has corrupted the Kingdom to its very core.

The protagonist; A young mercenary down on his luck and looking to find some gold.
Sarcastic and short-tempered at times. Considered a pessimist for his jaded opinion of the "good guys."

A young mage; companion of Raven and a hopeful optimistic. Calm and reserved by nature. One might call him Raven's good side.

Baron Maverick
A paladin of Aria Castle and a high ranking official. For reasons unknown, Raven encounters him as a wanted man who will change Raven's life forever.

The former adviser to King Avion of Aria Castle. His hunger for power is only matched by his greed and reckless ambition.

Demo Updated to 1.03!
-Added 3-4 hours of game play, including a brief tutorial and intro to the game.
-Fixed event that prevents player from progressing past Arrayos.
-Added more gear/weapons.
-New, balanced skills for all classes in progression.

To come;
-Functioning castle repair system in Aria Castle (Available after specific events in-game)
-Mark System
-The mark system will allow you to accept missions as a mercenary that will send you on quests
that will yield many exotic and valuable treasures.
-More gear/weapons because you can never have too many!
-More story progression, of course!

Blades of Arrayos 1.03

Productive criticism and general ideas are always welcome!
Bug reports, errors, etc, feel free to report and test if you wish.

Credit to whomever claims their scripts, resources, BMGs, etc!

Latest Blog

Finally! A new demo!

I'm BACK!!!
After a couple months of absence, I finally found time to work on my game, and hope you all enjoy the changes and updates made!
-Marks added!
-Mark system functioning in Arrayos and Crest City
-Skills revamped!
-Added unique skills for all characters
-Bosses and enemies revamped!
-New Weapons/Gear/Items!
-Story progression!
-New places to visit and dungeons to conquer!

Blades of Arrayos 1.04
  • Production
  • Kanetsugu21
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 04/03/2012 04:11 AM
  • 01/19/2020 06:47 PM
  • 08/30/2012
  • 37315
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Just finished your demo.
Looking forward to the completion.
Thanks man, glad to see some support! Any suggestions or feedback? I appreciate any I can get!
Smooth gameplay man, looks good. What battle system script is that by the way? Runs really nicely. P.s. During the prison sequence, when you stand over Terris' cell, the top of the gate appears under the player, not above. :)
The script I'm using for the battle system is Yanfly's Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine v1.22, so all credit goes to them. :)
And thank you, I completely forgot to fix that last time I noticed that little bug :P
Great job. One of the best RPG Maker games I played yet. Though I'm not sure where the demo ends. The game just froze after my battle with Leoz and Zolo(Zoro?).

I like the characters and story and had a few laughs here and there. You did better than most people at that. But still room for improvement. The gameplay was a little too easy until Karaki Tower. I also liked the boss at that place. The next boss was pretty disappointing though. Sure he's got a lot of health and attack power. But not much on special abilities.

Other than that. There was a big case of sequence breaking when you head to Arian. From there you could just skip right to the plot of Karaki Tower or even the next town or I "think" Avion Mountain too. Better fix up on that.
I'm glad that you're pleased with the game itself :)
And yeah, the demo does kinda just end after that boss fight, though it is still supposed to let you roam around and do side stuff still, so I'll have to check up on that.

I'll definitely be working on balancing out the gameplay in the future because I do agree that it starts out fairly easy. My only justification to that is that there was barely no tutorial at first, but now that there is, I better fix that!

By sequence breaking, do you mean the ability to basically skip certain parts of the game? That's what I got out of it, and either way, I just realized that is possible to do, so I ought to fix that up! :p
Yep that's what sequence breaking means.

Oh and I'll be looking forward to the Mark Hunting feature. I admit, since the main character is like a mercenary and all I did expect more sidequest mission kind og things. It would also be cool if the bosses get more challenging and creative as the game goes on though.

By the way I notice that you got the same name as one of your characters. Any reason for that? ^^'
That's exactly why I'm putting in the Mark Hunting feature! I'm glad someone understands. :p

And yes, actually, Kanetsugu has always been my online persona.I needed a Japanese-like name for the character, and it was the first that came to mind.. So I just went with it. Lol
When I try to unzip version 1.03, the extranction stops on rgss.
Oh and there's another thing I love about the game. The music! ^^

Great choices!

Also the group of villains as well. They're cool too and I feel like there may be more to come.
@Noel - That's really odd.. I've never had that problem before. :/
@Psycho - Thanks! You'll have to play the new demos when they come out to see for yourself ;D
Hey Kanetsugu! Mind if I ask which game your airship theme is from? =)
It's one I've been using for a while, so I'm not quite sure at this point.. But I think it came from a 'Tales of' game!
I hate to say it, but I am already stuck! I have been to the NW cave but once back in town I cant go out the East side and if I go back to the NW cave there doesnt seem to be an exit.
I know....it will be some SO damned obvious.
I do like the game a lot.
Are you talking about Norvale? Because if so, you have to finish the dungeon to get out. It kinda loops out for you. Don't worry, you'll get it. :)
Well...I hate to post publicly and embarrass myself with such simple problems when I am sure others would rather see blogs of some sort of importance.
I have been back to that cave several times and swear I have been everywhere, touched all things and walked into walls thinking there is a hidden exit. I have tried to pull that coffin, push that coffin and even took a leak on it but nada, zippo. Been up every ladder and down every stairs.
Now, having said that, I am going back in and you KNOW as well as I do that THIS time I will stumble across the way out.
But then again...maybe not. Maybe a hint page or basic walkthrough would help the RPG-challenged like me.
Ummmmmmmm.....yes but since you mentioned it, I will push again.
Nope. I had already tried pushing the two statues near the entrance as well. Anyway I will figure it out. Thanks.
Registered here just to say thanks to the developer. The first RPG, the gameplay which I really enjoyed ever since, was released RPG Maker VX Ace. And thanks again for such an exciting game!
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