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40 years ago, a war raged across the island continent, Silvania. The war pitted the magical kin of the land against the Dwarves, outsiders from Enoshia who had no magical power at all. Dragon Riders, from an unknown land, came to assist the magical creatures in the war against the Dwarves.

Overpowered and defeated, the Dwarves were banished from Silvania's mountain ranges and forests, back to the land of their ancestors, the Orcs.

Now a Dwarf, who grew up in those troubled times, seeks revenge against the magical creatures of Silvania. With a large army, he comes to the shores of Silvania, hoping to spill the blood of those who wronged his people in the past.

Darin, Ryaena, and Phylip live on the Northern part of Silvania, still untouched by the Dwarven army. As events unfold, the trio find themselves in the midst of this struggle and another battle far bigger than the Forests of Silvania.

• 100% Custom Graphics and Artwork
• An Original Fantasy Story and World
• Talent Based Skill System
• Customizable Auto Battle Tactics
• Campfires
• Encounter Orb
• Character Written Memo
• World Maps to Better Help you Navigate

Latest Blog

Tech Demo Sneak Peak

I want to start off by thanking Sam and Silviera. The time you took to review EthD really means a lot to me, and I've taken what you've said and am trying to improve on EthD's weak spots.

In honor of Release Something IX, I have assembled an early preview of the future revamp tech demo. In this quick little demo, you can explore one room, and fight one battle as much as you like. This by no means a complete build--there's no menu beyond the root one--but the focus is on lead character switching and the basics of the battle system, even if I haven't played with damage algorithms or the stats I have to add yet. Please don't mind the temporary rtp for battle animations and sounds, those will most likely be replaced before the full tech demo.

The plan for the future is to have the tech demo show absolutely everything the game will have to offer in terms of systems and base gameplay. Currently I don't plan to release any other demos, since I think a remake of 2.0 with the new systems would be redundant. Also, I might blog on the specifics of the battle system if people are interested. For now, feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer.
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This looks great. Will be eagerly awaiting a download.
RMN sex symbol
I thought this had a demo already? Looks great anyways, and it shows how dedicated you are to your project with this much quality, good luck with the project.
There is a demo, I'm just having issues with the downloads section right now :x
Here's a link for now: http://etherealdreams.org/Ethereal_Dreams_Demo2.exe
Commercial quality.One of the most promising games made with RPG Maker.
PLayed trough the entire demo, I must say that it was GREAT! The characters personalities where outstanding, and the graphics as well as the music where excellent! I want to play more! :D
As joar said, if the scripts are all your own or you have permission I'd love to see a commercial game come from this! Just make sure to keep an eye out for mapping faults. Otherwise this game is great! Excelent storyline, some of the best graphics ever that put my own abilities to shame (Though your grass autotile just doesn't sit right with me) and the music compliments the whole thing! Overall origional and Top quality!
I must say....your game was fantastic. I played the demo which took me around 3 hours to do. A lot of it was probably wasted on finding out where I have to go. The storyline I suppose wasn't really my interest, but I must say I enjoyed it alot. You had your own graphics. The plot was a bit different and weird to my taste but I guess other people would have liked it alot. I will definately play the full version when it's done. That elf woman at that Inn in that village seems interesting, I wonder if she will become a new character. Even though she hates Darins guts. add my email= femi_cool1@hotmail.com and as soon as your game is complete then give me a buzz.
check out my game Dragon Slayer Origins on page 9 :P
This game is great.i just started playing it,but it's awesome.
Merry christmas!
I just experienced a bug in the game. When the party reach the mushroom to cure Derrin's headache, the game crashed and the error message read, "Script Hang" or something to that effect.
I have completed demo. Good story and humour. If you have time to play uncompleted game then play it.
I did the demo! It's great and I hated when the demo ended...
It's great!
a drunk guy in a bar. not very appealing but everything else is awesome lols. Better than what i can do. you are so lucky you have a team AND XP works for you i alwasy get an error when opening XP so i just went back to 2k3.
A drunk guy in a bar... Who's ever heard of a main character as a drunk guy? That's why this game is unique. Poor Ryaena for missing the fireworks...
Did you draw the faces? You draw much better than me XD
catchaserguns this project was just picked up again so it'll be a long while be glad she decided to pick it back up.
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