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This was Ethereal Dream's April Fools joke in 2008. We've left it here for you all to enjoy!

See the downloads section for the Demo
VX nor the RTP is required, but I recommend reading the Controls image included.

Court Record
By pressing the "D button" you can access your Court Record. Here you will find a list of all the evidence you've collected during investigation. By pressing the "D button" again, you'll change the view from evidence to profiles. Here all the people you have met during the case are displayed. (Please note that this demo does not yet have investigation implemented. You do however, have items and people in your Court Record.) Knowing your Court Record is key to playing this game. Check it often whenever you need to stop and think.

In the Courtroom, during a witness's testimony, you have the option of pressing them for more information with the "A button." By doing this you can reveal information about what the witness saw in greater detail and perhaps find yourself new hints to help you progress. When you aren't sure what to do, try pressing the witness and see what happens.

Presenting evidence to the court is a vital part of this game. At any time during a witness's testimony, you can present evidence. Listen carefully to what the witness is saying, when they say something that seems off, open your Court Record. Look for any evidence or profile that might contradict what the witness has just told you. When you find something contradicting, present the evidence needed to prove it with the "S button." Finding contradictions can help open the case to new possibilities and find you your Not Guilty verdict.

Scripts and System - Racheal
Story and Rip Edits - Makio-Kuta
Beta Testers - Sixtyandaquarter and Reives
**Please note that all the graphics from this joke game are rips or heavily edited rips of actual PW material. This includes the header image to this spoiler.