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Fighting Festivalis is my biggest project I've yet to reveal much details about, because I haven't actually started. Originally called TEMPORAL - TIME AND SPACE, Fighting Festivalis will be a massive crossover between worlds. Unlike how the other games that do a worlds cross over (Heroes of the Storm, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, etc.), I wanted to do something different with the Fighting Game Genre, heck. Any of the gaming genres at all. Being my first major commercial project, I am very nervous that it's not going to skyrocket, but that's okay because I'm not actually predicting that it will sell well anyway when I get to developing it.


A scientist of a world has found a discovery. The worldly link between worlds and their timelines. So he made a project. This project is called Temporal. When the project began, they made a big machine which merges the various worlds into one, having the scientist's world as the catalyst for this new world. Years later, all the worlds have merged, and stories have crossed paths with each other. Their fates and destinies remain the same.

Planned Features

A Story mode, which tells the story of certain individuals from their own stories, to the end of the Temporal Project
Unlockables! Characters and Other Story campaigns will be available as you play. Unlock enough characters, and you may get a new Story campaign.
Arcade mode! Complete with an Arcade Ending!
Tourney and League Modes! Make a Tournament, or try going in a League.
Profiles and Team Profiles! Make a profile for yourself, or make one for a team comprised of you and your friends!
Character Types! Each character is unique. There are three types. Power, Speed, and Balance.
Mini Games! Child friendly mini games in case you, your wife/husband, and your kids don't want to play the actual game
Adventure Mode! Play alone, or with a friend and roam around the world of Temporal, fight, level up, and explore the world and see if you can find what you're looking for.

I do have about a few things planned. One of them are Starter Packs, which I'll try to explain in this next section.

The Concept and the game play mechanic concepts. (These are planned)

First of all, I bet you're wondering about Starter Packs. Starter Packs is a piece already unlocked for you in the game. These packs come with a unique intro to that pack, as well as characters from the story/world/universe which the Pack focuses on.

The second is the unlockable story campaigns and characters. By buying a Starter Pack, you have the full game. You don't really need to buy another Starter Pack. However if you do buy another Starter Pack, then the new Starter Pack recognizes your other Starter Pack, and will have the contents that you unlocked from that older Starter Pack into the new one you bought when you start. So you won't be completely starting over. Campaign stories unlocked will also carry over. Afterwards, you don't have to do anything else.

The third I want to explain are character types. There are three types. And these are as follows:

Power Type - This type of character cannot make big combos, but are made up for it in their hard hitting attacks. This type of character can also guard against attacks a bit better than the other three types as well. Their power is increased by how much the Energy bar is filled. This character type is a bit hard to master due to their slow attacks, leaving them more open. However, they won't stagger a lot unlike the other two types.
Balance Type - The most adaptive type of characters. They can make combos, and are the easier to learn than the other two types. They have a balance of Attack, Speed, and Defense.
Speed Type - Though weaker in terms of Attack, their combos make up for it. This character type can dish out lengthy combos. As such, their attacks can get lengthier by how filled the Energy Bar is. One Charge = More speed, which also means more lengthier combos. This type of character is hard to master in comparison of the other two. The Speed Type has the same Defense as the Balanced Type.

The Adventure Mode is an RPG-esk adventure where you can choose any character you have unlocked, and use them to start and adventure. The adventure ends if you lose though, but you keep any spoils you have before losing. That way, you won't have to grind all of that up again and keep improving. The characters level up by EXP, similar to that of an RPG. In this mode, the character you choose will have to learn the Abilities they know in the other modes by leveling up.

Latest Blog

Switched game engines, and game title is changing again.

Welp, I'm no longer have plans to use the Unreal Engine, as the con I seen online is that the game engine is not beginner friendly. I've switched it to Unity. Also, I have thought of of the game's new name. But I'll be showing that off way later down the line.


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