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Version 1.10 postponed to the end of September

Because of some problems with the website hosting company and me starting a new job, the release of version 1.10 will be postponed to the end of this month. Because the website is down, at the moment, I’ll put the changes list and its updates in this blog.

List updated 22 september 2022

Final Tear 3 remastered 1.10 changes list

Replaced songs:

Monster arena tune
Lentha worldmap
Exendia Worldmap
Lucas evil theme
Palmer village
Hard boss fights


• Orb spell level up menu after fights sped up with 300%
• A lot of enemy attacks are renamed and changed animation so that it is more clear what the attacks do
• Adjusted all computers of all leagues of the monster arena and removed the menu’s that are not used and sped up the logging out. Removed the bug that when you press escape, to go out it will show the monster list of the league.
• Price of an unlimited monster arena account reduced from 25,000 GP to 15,000 GP
• Removed that you can get higher damage to obtain Judas ultimate weapon by switching to beginner difficulty. This mean that it will only count using normal, hard or hardcore.
• Created two new skills “No see no speak-all” and “No see no speak-all”
• Added an exclusive ring for judas called the ring of revolution that increase attack/magic and magic defense to compensate his large nerf in this version.
• Plenty of copyrighted tracks in the game will be removed and changed with brand new tracks from a composer called Rock Nardin. All copyrighted tracks will be changed at version 1.11
• Some major parts of the story will be enhanced
• Give bruiser of champions league stage 2 new attacks and slightly increased his HP
• Changed the battle sprite of the dummy.
• Removed the sky castle puzzle
• Widen the coordinates to reach the secret boss and secret summon in the Exendian desert.


• Removed a bug that when you finish the training with the village elder and then don’t talk to him and try to walk out of the ring, Lance gets obstructed in the scenery
• Removed a bug that when Vincent is hit with a typhoon by Jodos at the champions league, he will get a different animation after he has been hit with the typhoon
• Removed a bug when you won the first stage of the champions league the game does not automatically ask you to rearrange your time again.
• Removed the bug that you cannot buy the pray boost in vollenzo church
• Removed a Dutch testing message in the summon tutorial, that was forgotten to be removed after testing
• Removed a bug that when you are doing certain combinations of actions in a test battle with the dummy, it will result that the game will not register the damage that Judas does to obtain his ultimate weapon afterwards. Keep in mind a test battle does not count with his damage.
• Removed a bug that when in the rare occurrence you have a book of warrior equipped and upgrade e second one to the same level the game shuts down
• Removed some graphic bugs in Palmer and Vollenzo church


• Increased the HP of one of the final bosses of the game slightly
• Increased SP and WP pay-out in the champions league severely
• All aura’s slightly increased in MP cost, except Golem, Espereon and Kaiser Bahamut
• Turbo changed to 142 MP cost
• Sensitive, dumb, weaken and slow now have 5% more chance to be inflicted if cast by an enemy skill
• Kaiser Bahamut aura now increased non elemental damage with 33% instead of 50%
• Ap-stab of all Tonberries damage nerfed significantly
• Force turned back to 40% damage increase instead of 50%
• Reduced HP of the first final boss slightly, removed the kiss of darkness attack
• Increased HP of the second final boss slightly, physical damage capabilities slightly increased, removed the kiss of darkness attack. Crystals take 2 turns less to appear.
• Poison now does 6% damage a turn instead of 5%
• Venom now does 12% damage a turn instead of 11%
• Wizards in the last dungeon are less likely to double a very strong AOE spell
• Cure, Cura, Nurse and Vigorection all heal slightly more HP now
• A certain boss near the end of the game has been nerfed significantly, don’t worry she is still very hard. But it was a bit unfair if u trained not well.
• Odin’s stallions speed slightly increased
• Slightly buffed the Sphinx boss again
• Increased chances of getting k.o. after a death spell increased with 10%
• Increased mp cost of most judas gun skills
• Cleanse de luxe mp cost reduced from 12 to 10
• Slightly reduced attack power of most judas guns with exception of the first one and the ultimate one
• Decreased damage summons do over the whole game slightly
• Boost and extreme boost damage increase nerfed with 15% and 10%, extreme boost lower damage range buffed with 5%
• Magic increased on most armors
• Judas magic stat nerfed severely. He should be weaker against magic then Jessie. Because Judas is so powerful he should have a weakness like was intented.
• Increased Morthors HP and speed and defence
• Ultimate orb spell infinity blast nerfed in damage, reduced MP cost to compensate
• Give a certain important story boss more HP
• R&B lobster magic stat slightly buffed