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Short story introduction
In Miserere you explore the dreams of a lonely space station occupant. The unnamed occupant have been on this station for years, all alone. Needless to say, this has taken its toll on our poor protagonists mind. This occasionally shows in the dreams.
But there are still glimmers of hope.

The game relies heavily on atmosphere and mood to keep the player interested. You explore the mind of our protagonist via 4 possible pathways, which branch out, when you enter the dreamworld.
The main focus lies in exploration and uncovering the past of the protagonist. There are a few puzzles among the way, which are usually not too hard.

Miserere for Mac
Jammed Gears on youtube ported Miserere to Mac!
Check it out here (download link in description);

Latest Blog

A retouch of Miserere

It's been quite a while since I touched anything related to gamemaking now, more than 2 years, I think? I've been focusing on only art. But I recently got a taste for doing something with my old games, especially when it comes to the art of Miserere. Some of the maps look quite dated, to be honest. So I thought I'd do my best to remake the art of the worst offenders while still trying to keep the original idea behind the maps intact. I might add some new creatures here and there just for fun, too. I've already started, and here are a couple of examples!

  • Completed
  • SnowOwl
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure
  • 04/15/2012 11:13 PM
  • 02/10/2019 06:26 PM
  • 07/07/2012
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Congrats on the Featured Game! :D
I second the congratulations. Congrats!
Thanks! How on earth did this happen?
I don't know exactly, but as far as even this gamepage shows, it deserves it. It's completed, has a lot of niceness inside from what I've seen while subbed to it. And look at its score! 8D!. That's "all" I know without playing it (I'll fix that in 5mins C:).

Congratulations SnowOwl C:!
Either way, I didn't expect it. As Borat would have put it: Very nice!
ok i am afraid to get this is this a horror game?... screw it getting
ok i am afraid to get this is this a horror game?... screw it getting
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
The one thing I kinda wished for was the ability to save so I could stop and continue from where I left off. . . now after quitting i have to start from the beginning. Any chance of implementing some kind of save mechanism upon waking, or using the dream journal to save?
There is a save mechanism. It's in the room where you start the game. It's the scanner thingy.
Started my own series of this game.. seems erotic interesting.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
There is a save mechanism. It's in the room where you start the game. It's the scanner thingy.
Thanks. I missed that.
I haven't finished the game yet, but I've just gotta say I freaked out when I heard "Dawn Chorus". I love Boards of Canada.
Dawn Chorus was a perfect fit for that area and gives it some real character. Probably one of the music choices I'm most content with in the game.
I can't seem to download the game, every time I try it says 'permission denied' and for some reason it's saying that the file is 'Diving Station' by Boards of Canada.
Seems like mediafire is messing with the file. It somehow got copyrighted, even though earlier versions got no such treatment. I'll upload it to the site instead of mediafire asap.

Edit: Download fixed.
This game is AMAZING. I can't stop playing it, there's so much to explore and the mysterious mood always keeps me curious and entertained. Thanks a lot! Very well made.
Also, major props for the music. You seriously need to release an OST or something. Where did you get the tracks, if you don't mind?~
Thank you, seriously. These types of games are pretty unpopular except for in the eyes of a pretty niche audience, so I'm always happy when people say that they like the game.
I wish I could help you with the music, I really do. But the site I got most of it from closed down months ago. You could always copy the music from the game files though.
I just finished the game, it's really good. I skipped several steps from the walkthrough, though. Do I get a different ending when using all my items?
Grrrreat! And no, it's just optional stuff, and it doesn't affect the ending.
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