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The Shining Series, which started in the Sega Genesis, has always been my personal favorite RPG series. This game is a tribute to those series and it relies heavily on graphics and style from those games.

Shining Darkness is also an old game and my first serious project, made just months after Alex's Adventures. It contains a modified battle style, new in-game menus, and the party follows you arround (which was new for RPG Maker 2000 at the time). Most of it's graphics are borrowed from the Shining Force games, mostly from Shining Force 2 for the Sega Genesis, but it contains a few RTP and even fewer original tiles, edited by necessity.

The game was never concluded, being latter abandoned, but what remains is it's demo, containing more or less 1 full hour of game play.

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Looks like an idea i had at one point... a spin off of the Shining series...
Nice though.
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