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Latest Blog

100 SUBSCRIBERS? 0.6.3 & 0.6.4 PATCH!


100 subscribers? (inb4 someone unsubs) Woah... That's a huge number! Thanks to everyone on RMN, you people are amazing! This is an unbelievable number for me. There is still a kinda long way ahead of us! Stay strong, patches and contents are coming fast! (snail speed ;_;)
So... Umm... I've noticed quite new bugs since creating Balandor. Now it's time to address those issues with this patch. Oh and players can finally freely continue their Bad/Neutral pre post-game endings without an issue! They are done. Hurray for free roaming!


4 new maps just the south of player house
3 maps to the Bad/Neutral route
Remember the Seran's north building? It's completed
5 new items and 1 new armour (ULTIMATE ARMOUR)


You can visit the Ice Dungeon at the start as Bad/Neutral path
When you exit from the Lighthouse and King's Castle, your ship always dock in the nearest land, this prevents accidental stuck situations
Player House World Map icon has changed


Fixed Missing BGMs for the Night Crimson fight and Arena Refights.
(For Bad/Neutral post-game) King's Castle no longer reachable without gathering all your party.
Fixed some grammar errors at the intro.
Fixed an issue with Bad Route crash. Because of the music file's name was wrong
Fixed an issue with Bad Route's ending that teleports you to Neutral Ending... wow


Dead Spot 50 TP (was 75)
Triple Punch now costs 25 TP (was 50)
Healing Bomb 2 now heals for 1.5k (was 1k)
Healing Breeze 1 heals for 750 (was 300)
Healing Breeze 2 heals for 1.5k (was 600)
Healing Breeze 3 heals for 3k (was 2k)
Healing Spirit now costs 60 TP (was 75)
Flaming Sword skills on Duran now costs 6% Less Mp
Nuke now deals 15k damage (was 3k...)
Anti-State skills are now AOE and costs 30MP (was 15)
HP Regen X now costs 10 TP (was 50) and stays for 5 turns, that means it can restore all your party's HP to Max... slowly


Post-game content for Underground Ice dungeon
Post-game content for Qual's Village dungeon
Spoiler themed dungeon just left side of player house

Also, check out the Shattered Hourglass's Reddit Page and join me! You can always leave feedback there too!

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  • sawworm
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  • 04/16/2012 10:00 AM
  • 02/13/2018 08:28 PM
  • 07/03/2013
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This sounds really interesting! Subscribed.
Oh, I'm definitely in on this! Time is always so fascinating~ :o
New version is up! Changing people's fate is on your hands!
I found this game's story quite good. It has been writen by good imagination. Also game has sense of humour itself that i liked :). I finished the first chapter and it was fluently playable game. I hope you'll end this game right in the taste. Gonna waitto other chapters!
I found this game's story quite good. It has been writen by good imagination. Also game has sense of humour itself that i liked :). I finished the first chapter and it was fluently playable game. I hope you'll end this game right in the taste. Gonna waitto other chapters!
Thank you very much, if you download new version you can play through around II.nd chapter's %50. Second chapter will Split into Two endings. Depends on your choices and stats. I'm planning to complete II.nd chapter next week. Going to add Player House and Arena Event. Stay tuned ^.^

Any stuff needs to be improved?
Optional choices is always good :)
Optional choices is always good :)
I'm currently adding more optional choices, some of based on conversion based, your choices lead you somewhere.
Oh I've added animals in some city, they look great :D
Have you played TBOL? Your villian that appears at your front door is their main character. I got a kick outta that.
Sadly, no I haven't, but I'll check it tomorrow. Hope you're having great time in "Icdalen". ^.^
Fun game, some hard bosss as advertised. I feel the need to celebrate after every victory though.
In the first town a guy mentions a hand axe. Is this a quest? If so wheres the axe?
It's a mini side quest. You can find Hand Axe in Chapter 2., an Item shop selling it for a cheap price, if you don't buy it from that Npc you might miss it ^.^
Ah thanks ok cool. I just got the third character. Fun fun. Is the ability to own a house in this demo?
Yes you can get a upgradable house, with total 8 upgrade; you can upgade your house's outside/inside, can own an armory and item shop and a small music room. I'll post more house upgrades in later versions. ^.^ I'm currently uploading new version of game, fixed some bugs and added conversion based side quest in front of Lulu's house, new version will be up in 30 minute. I'm glad you enjoyed ^.^
Oh great ill grab the new download then.
0.5.6 version up, with new 2 side quest and 5 optional bosses and 1 temporary character for side quest ^.^
White mage robe puts your health at 15 lol.
Also ive found the ghoul guy in the grave stones, snowman, and undead life leech attack guys. Im working on hidden bosses.
EDIT: Just found magic water on that bridge...very sneaky. Also saw another jester in that ice town for 4000. Im saving up.
Also found secret behind the king....very sneaky. :)
Ah dang! White Mage robe supposed to max your hp +%2, now I've checked...it reduce your max hp to %2. My bad, thanks for finding out :D
Secret rewards are often great and rewarding, I love sneaky stuff :) Have you got "A letter" key item?
Ill have to check but i dont think so. I am like 8/8 with quizs and have yet to use that urn.
Talk to Lulu then leave the house, you'll see "a letter" on ground, save your game before using that Urn :P