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Shattered Hourglass is a long, immersive RPG that could be related to something like Chrono Trigger. However, this game features many more modern techniques, like a karma system, 6 different endings, and over 20 hours of gameplay!

I’ve never been one to play an RPG for that long, nor do I normally complete them, but I do enjoy the experience nonetheless. With many secret Easter eggs, multiple story routes, and many sidequests, you could probably spend more than the estimated play time trying to complete this game.

And if you really love Shattered Hourglass, you’d probably explore each route, ending, and everything else that could affect the player’s experience. I could never imagine doing that, but if I did, it would definitely be with this game.

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But, this game isn’t just stale gameplay and boring grinding sessions. There is humor and entertainment to be found in every nook and cranny almost everywhere. From popular references, to ridiculous occurances, Shattered Hourglass doesn’t feel like the cliche RPG pumped put by some nameless company.

And since sawworm has worked on this game so much, I’d recommend you giving it a chance. You can find the game here, as well as the developer’s profile here. No games are posted on it (besides Shattered Hourglass), but it’s still nice to give the developer some credit.

Review Summary

Pros: Engaging story, and entertaining content. Fun battles, and humorous occurrences. Could play for a long while without getting frustrated or bored.

Cons: (Trying to think of something, but I’m honestly coming up blank. Just pretend I had something here…)

Rating: 9/10

Game On!

more than great I love it.

This is an amazingly done game you've put together, I wish you had lots more games posted on this site because I would love to see more from you considering the quality of this one.

This is really great.So well done and so much work behind it.Well done,one of the best RPGMaker games ever,commercial or not.

amazing game it really reminds me of "breath of fire"

This game is ridiculously fun. I have never been this addicted to a game for so long. And the funny easter eggs are a pretty addition.

ok after about 2 weeks of playing this i can honestly say that this is one of the best games i have played in a long time.

Been playing this game for a week, loving the every aspect of it.

a game that competes with final fantasy 3 (6 in japan)

Hey there, I was playing today your game (Good job, It remains me when I was young and started to play with RPG Maker and It was like glorious to me (I'm not saying this is a kid's work, I mean this remains me the magic of RPG Maker)) well, and just passed because I saw the first puzzle in the cave, and well, you know, Metallica and I was like OMFG and came here to say thank you for made my day.

Super cute game! Good job.

Yo creo que este juego deveria valer al menos 1.00$ :D,porque ademas de la jugabilidad y diseño,yo trabajo con el mismo engine y los eventos son lo mas dificil,ademas de la cantidad que debe tener.

Well I completed the game!! Woot interesting ending to lol. It was a little under-dramatic but not to bad and the weird part is that Light god person did not come to my aid in the fight?? when she said she would help odd??

Other then that I think the end boss wasn't to hard but I guess he could use a bit of a buff but that's just me. A few things I have not gotten into yet is the arena and the factory and I think after that im done with the game.
Story line was awesome fun. Boss fights were top notch challenging.

The games cons for me though was the Level cap and alot of items in this game seem to be worthless and the ending could of been alot better. And of course the Spelling errors.

Another con is because of the level cap I lost interest in grinding for gold and xp and items because I reached the cap. So I found my self skipping alot of monster fights so about 3 to 5 hours of the game I skipped mobs to get to the ending sadly :(. When their is no growth in a game people will lose interest in a game pretty fast just a tip....

I spent 30 hours in the game not to bad I love long game and even longer one's.

I hope when you improve the rest of this game you will expand on this game and continue the Series or even a squeal with a higher level cap alot more items and characters.

So I give this game a 7/10 not to bad of a game good job and good work :)

Love the graphics, music and antics of the main character in the beginning but I just know I will be having trouble shortly ..

I love this game it's very well made, although I personally think the difficulty is a little high xD.

Your game it's one of the best i had played in ages!! :)

Great game!! I really enjoyed the idea for the side quests, the house updates and the karma choices.

Hi, I just finished the game with the Good Ending and I have to say it was awesome!

It was quite challenging even in the easiest difficulty but it was still great!

This game looks nice, and fun. :)

I played and finished this a few months ago.
What can I say, this is a masterpiece. One of the best rpg maker games.

I really loved it, I think it's better than most of the oldschool rpgs. Less dialogue, more action!

A really fun experience and very well made!

There is just so much content and plenty things to do and secrets to realise, an amazing work for a free game, and it feels a labor of love :)
Cute and likable Graphics (and Dialogue), while Music got a special care as there are so many different tunes (some virtue for a free game, as otherwise would invlove proprietary rights). Story is interesting too.

Some of the bosses are a bit too hard though - should be able to beat them all without grinding, at least on casual mode - that suppose to be a way of playing the game without forcing you into special efforts, isn't it?