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0.8.0: Fishing System & Many More

  • sawworm
  • 04/14/2018 09:38 PM
Hello there, Time Travellers. It's been a while since my last update! I've been working on a new system that adds a new flavour to my game... Fishing! It took many hours to complete but here it is! It's a huge content patch, has so many useful things in it. New UI, new system, new scripts, new outfit system and tons of items!
Let's get into the patch, but make sure to download the right version!

If your battlers are not moving: https://rpgmaker.net/games/3996/downloads/3437/
If they are moving: https://rpgmaker.net/games/3996/downloads/3404/


Yup, you heard it right! You can start fishing today!
Here are the first two NPCs you need to talk to in order to obtain your fishing rod.

After getting your fishing rod you can start fishing everywhere. It's a progressive system, you gain better rods and baits as you play the game. Many fishing NPCs are added to the game. Seaport Town now has Fishing Lodge. Also added 2 new areas for fishing. One in Icdalen and one in Wlandia.

Also, there is a new collectable fishing UI! Whenever you catch a fish it registers this UI.

Be a master fisher and get ultimate rewards, like the new Timeless Weapon.


After you purchased your house, get your carpets and finally reached to Chronix. You can get back to your home and purchase this new Home Upgrade.
You can change all of your party members outfits with it!

Fishing may change Duran's appearance to default.
So... I'm going take a look at that issue.


Fishing system
Wardrobe for player house
Fishing UI and Silver Token UI

You can get Silver Token tracker from Eda in Trin Island.

Over 70 new items
12 new maps
5+ weapons and 30+ armours
Seaport Town is now more COOL


Grassland background has changed to MV counterpart
Pure chest now opens with 10 karma
Scan skill has changed to Yanfly's Scan script


Fixed a BGM crash after defeating Zulwhern for the 3rd time
Fixed a bug that Buchler head armour not shown in armour menu
Fixed some typos


Post-game content for Underground Ice dungeon
Post-game content for Qual's Village dungeon

I believe that's the end of my patch note. Thanks to everyone who helped me fix so many issues. Without them, I don't think I can find those!

Oh, before I close up... I want to mention two names, Clangeddin, created an awesome Silver Token guide for my game, please check it if you are having a hard time with those Tokens.


And Prouject, he's currently making LP of Shattered Hourglass. If you love watching JRPGs I suggest subscribing to his channel, he's awesome!

Also, check out the Shattered Hourglass's Reddit Page and join me! You can always leave feedback there too!



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Hell yeah fishing
In the word of the great Yoko Taro every game should have a fishing minigame
I couldn't agree more! I'm addicted to those fishing minigames :') Even in Terraria.
Hell yeah fishing
In the word of the great Yoko Taro every game should have a fishing minigame
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