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Shattered Hourglass 1.0.0 (Kinda 0.9.9)

  • sawworm
  • 01/05/2019 07:37 PM
It's finally here! At least you can finish the game with your Good path save file (most players did that path). The other endings still need some finishing touches. Believe me, they will be so worth the wait.

So, there are 2 different endings for Good path, depending on if you've recruited Qual or not. I'm not going to spoil but the difference between recruiting or not is... MASSIVE. Upcoming Bad and Neutral endings will be super unique too.
(Don't tell anyone that I'm planning to make 4 different endings for Bad path and 2 different endings for Neutral path. Yup, a total of 8 very unique endings.)

Let's get into the patch, but make sure to download the right version!

If your battlers are not moving: https://rpgmaker.net/games/3996/downloads/3437/
If they are moving: https://rpgmaker.net/games/3996/downloads/3404/


Added over 20 maps, most of them are for endings
2 unique endings for Good path!
Many graphics into Shattered Hourglass folder...
1 new song from Davey Brite RPG


Title screen has changed


Silver Token Tablet now shows the right amount of Silver Tokens
One event that needs 2 catfishes now working as intended
Several grammar fixes

Since I'm so close to finishing Shattered Hourglass endings, I want to focus on the final areas and cutscenes from now on. Expect to get 1 or 2 more patches for Bad and Neutral endings. After that, I'm going to focus on improving the overall experience, new events to the player house and adding new cutscenes to old areas. Also, the quality of life stuff is on the way. Let's say... upcoming versions will be awesome!

I'm so happy that at least the Good Path is completed! I hope you enjoy it.

One last thing, check out the Shattered Hourglass's Reddit Page and join me! You can always leave feedback there too!