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Shattered Hourglass: Steam Version!

  • sawworm
  • 04/29/2020 08:41 AM

Hello everyone! Finally, after 8 long years, Shattered Hourglass is on Steam! Countless versions, bug fixes, trials and errors... oh also, remaking the game entirely has led me to this point. And we are starting a new adventure on Shattered Hourglass. So, what's the difference between this free version and Steam version?

- Achievements
- Autosaving feature unlike the free version
- Cloud saving, your .rvdata2 save files will be stored
- World Map Feature
- All notes and books now have different graphics, easy to read
- Keyboard support when writing on chest passwords and door passwords
- A new area that you can visit from Player House, also a new home upgrade
- Ability to continue even after getting a specific "Bad Ending", old players know that well
- Future updates will be here from now on, like new quests and graphical changes

My first plan is expanding the player house and making events for it. So, I already started to create a new adventure that starts on your Player House, which will lead you to very huge content. After all, you lovely people always want more content. :')

For anyone who wants to check out the Steam version here's the link:


Have a wonderful day!


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I like your new page. Duran looks awesome!:)
Thank you so much, dnel57! To be honest, not as awesome as you.
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