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As difficult as the title suggests.

  • Mewd
  • 06/09/2007 04:25 PM
Although not IMPOSSIBLE by any means, Zero's Impossible Fortress is a very difficult game. So much so that, even though I have been trying very hard to plow through the game for about a week, it has never the less demolished my efforts and sent me tumbling back to the beginning of any given world with my tail between my legs.

I like the game's concept, it's inventive. The level designs are literally impossible to proceed through without creating your own platforms to use. Items you pick up determine how many platforms you can draw on the map, and how big they can be. You need to ration these and still create enough to navigate the level safely.

The levels are hard though, more than a little challenging. Made worse by the fact that there are quite a few levels and you only get four lives per world. You can jump to any world you have already reached, which is a godsend, but I found it almost impossible to actually finish any of the worlds without finding the secret warp gates that let me jump to the next world if I could finish particularly tricky sub-levels.

The controls are slippery, which makes the harshness of the level design more apparent. The jumps required to survive this game are very precise and it sucks to be six levels deep into a world only to die because you over or under shoot a jump.

I sort of wish the game had been more generous with the number of lives you start out with. But still, the difficulty is not all bad. The game is so simple and levels can be completed quickly enough with practice that trying to rise to the challenge is compelling.

The game's graphics are very basic and simple, with a playful title and level music theme. It has a charm to it, it reminds me of the golden era of shareware back in the early nineties. A time when simple PC games circulated on rambunctious. Zero's Impossible Fortress has an aesthetic quality that makes me all nostalgic, which is a welcomed sensation.

If you have the patience to try and conquer a game that is liable to obliterate you a few hundred times before you claim victory, Zero's Impossible Fortress is worth a shot.


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Yeah, it really is impossible. I would have liked it if it wasn't too impossible!
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