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Cool concept, well-designed, but arrgh

  • Mr. Y
  • 06/29/2007 10:10 PM
Wow. This is an impossible fortress, no doubt about it. The game starts off slow and ramps up very quickly in difficulty, so be prepared. There's no way I'll actually try to beat this game- that's probably only meant for really good players, or maybe masochists. It's doable, but only with a lot of patience.

But the main idea is really fun. You can draw a limited amount of platform area, wherever you want, in order to get across holes, reach platforms, avoid spikes, etc. This is a unique game concept in itself and something you probably haven't experienced in a platformer before. Playing was a lot of fun, but inevitably I became frustrated with the difficulty and stopped.

I didn't experience any glitches with the game, which is nice because it's a Sphere game of all things. The controls feel a little sloppy but just take a little getting used to. The graphics are deliberately low-quality but functional. And, of course, there really isn't a story to speak of- it's a classic platformer game, and that's a fact the whole way through.

I recommend at least giving the game a try, especially if you like platformers. It's nice to see a well-done Sphere game like this, after all. However, you should go in aware of the daunting difficulty- like Mewd wrote, the game's title is very appropriate!