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General storyline:

The Queen's Court picks up a few years after the end of Three the Hard Way, although it's not a direct sequel. As for other plot details, they'll be forthcoming in due time ...


Unlike my previous two games, this one will have no combat, and thus, is not a RPG. Right now, it's classified as an "experimental fantasy/life sim", but ask me tomorrow; I might have a different pretentious classification. In any event, battles aside, it'll have your usual features: CMS, a few minigames, etc. The gameplay will be odd, but not terribly complicated. ( In theory ). The platform is RPG Maker 2003, as I started this before RmXP came out.

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You, absolutely, SHOULD include combat. Or the main char won't be kick ass.

I thought vance was kick ass cuz he pwnt Red Arrow at the end of TTHW.
I am impressed by your dedication to this game! Do you have any updates?
Seems like it's got MUCH better mapping than TTHW. Nice job iisheron. By the way, for those who haven't yet played Three, the Hard Way, it's one of the coolest, easiest to pick up, most interesting, most simple games I've played as of yet. Adding to that, it's SUPER long. (try 40 hours of Gameplay & over 1,000 maps.) Anyways, rant over, I'm looking forward to this.
Looks a lot better than ''3 the Hard Way''. I hope it won't be canceled.
good stinking question this game has been in development for over half a decade, i'd like to know when this will be finished.
I like the idea of an rpg sim focasing on politics. The traditional rpg's about fighting and the sims about building and making army's are starting to look a bit overdone to me at the moment. That doesn't meen that they don't have their place - I've just played too many of them consecutively and this would be a pleasent change.
RPG Sim???

Still should have some battles included. Everyone loves a bit of kickass-ery
Thank god that there'll be no combat. Doesn't matter if there is though as long as it's the same system in TTHW.

Well, at least Iishenron said this is still going on somewhere on the forum.
My mind is full of fuck.
The Queen's Forever. You can keep us waiting for eons.
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