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In Relas: Chaos of the Realms, the world that the four races (humans, elves, goblins, lizardkin) inhabit is known as Relas. Relas is also known as the "mortal plane," a world created by the Deia (or gods) Rysduun and Anumi in the Makers' Time.

The Three Planes
There are three planes of existence; Relas, the world of mortals, Etherium, the plane that encompasses the Deia, their most loyal servants, and their individual realms, and Triamus, the plane of energy. Triamus is said to be the creator of all life, including the Deia. It is a shapeless, formless mass of energy from which all life and power is drawn. Often referred to as The Great Serpent, there are cults who reject the Deia and instead choose to worship Triamus as the One True Deity, the Giver of Life and the creator of the universe.

The World of Relas
The world of Relas contains four continents; Civiel, Alschaduun, Anaea, and Engea. The continent of Engea, the setting of the game, is primarily settled by humans, who drove the elves, goblins, and lizardkin from the continent in the Ancient Time, the era of time preceding the Common Time, the era in which the game takes place.
The land of Engea first received its name in the year 712 of the Ancient Time, when a human known as Engean successfully drove the lizardkin from the continent and founded the Kingdom of Engea.

The Eras of Time
The three eras of time are as follows; the Makers' Time (which lasted 700 years), the Ancient Time (which lasted 2000), and the Common Time. Relas: Chaos of the Realms takes place in the year CT 738, which is a time similar to the mid 17th century here on Earth.

Major Cities in Engea
The seven major cities of Engea are Godsend, Wyndvale, Deepmount, Norvaik, Engean City, Hawkspire, Talisandra, and Devil's Rock.
The first chapter of Relas: Chaos of the Realms takes place in the area around Deepmount, known as Deepmount County. Deepmount has a sinister past; it was once a fort for the kingdom's soldiers, some of whom were known to practice necromancy. In the year 847 of the Ancient Time, King Engean, in his 165th and final year, ordered that 13 soldiers from Fort Deepmount be executed for their practice of necromancy. Some say that a shadow of evil has hung over Deepmount ever since, and dealing with a cult of necromancers is one of the major subplots of the first chapter of the game.

Wyndvale is a major elven settlement in northeastern Engea. Founded in the year 335 of the Ancient Time, its residents have been met with enduring hostility from the otherwise human-populated continent. It is the site of many a battle between the forces of Civiel and Engea.

Godsend is famous for being the first city of humans ever established on Relas, founded in the year 78 of the Ancient Time. It has a long history of being sieged by elven forces, as it is on the northern end of Engea, and close to the elven continent of Civiel.

Norvaik is the goblin city, an independent city-state off the coast of northeastern Engea that is not a part of the Kingdom of Engea. Its foundation was the result of a long exile of the goblins from the mainland. Prior to the founding of Norvaik, the goblins were a nomadic race who had no major settlements to speak of.

Engean City is the capital of the Kingdom of Engea, and the cultural center of the kingdom. It is located on a largely flat peninsula on the eastern side of the continent.

Hawkspire is a major city in central Engea, located on Lake Hawkspire, its namesake. It is home to the base of operations of the Red Hand, Engea's major criminal organization. The Red Hand are known to bribe members of the Royal Court, and are responsible for much of the corruption in the city of Hawkspire.

Talisandra is a major trading port on the western coast of Engea, south of Ilgenar's Steppes. It is the only major city on the west coast, but its goods are shipped far and wide across the kingdom. It is the religious center of Engea, and many of its citizens are known to be zealous worshipers of the Deia, the gods and goddesses of Engea.

Devil's Rock is a small outpost located atop a mountain range in southern Engea. It is the southern most settlement of humans in Engea, and near the peninsula which connects Engea to the lizardkin continent of Alschaduun.

Religion in Engea

On the continent of Engea, and, furthermore, all of Relas, the mortal plane, humans, elves, goblins, and lizardkin alike worship the Deia, the gods and goddesses of the universe. There are nine Deia in total, although the worship of three of them is forbidden, and they are known as the Old Gods. The Deia are as follows:

Rysduun, god of creation. The father of Relas.
Anumi, goddess of creation. The mother of Relas.
Mujaarin, god of strength; kin of Rysduun.
Talamiin, god of righteousness; kin of Rysduun.
Lerisia, goddess of justice and compassion; kin of Anumi.
Zeria, goddess of the song; kin of Anumi.

The Old Gods are the gods deemed evil and immoral by society. Banished by the other six Deia, they are oft worshiped by necromancers, murderers, and thieves.

Ilgenar, god of cruelty; once known as the kin of Rysduun.
Sil'saruus, god of necromancy; once known as the kin of Rysduun.
Redaria, goddess of deceit; once known as the kin of Anumi.

The worship of these gods and goddesses varies between areas in Relas; in Engea, Rysduun and Lerisia are the most popularly worshiped Deia. Rysduun is worshiped for being the father of mankind, and partially of Relas; Lerisia is worshiped for her moral stances.

In Deepmount, one of the major cities of Engea, reports of Old God worship have surfaced several times over the city's history. Old God worship is also especially prevalent in Ilgenar's Steppes, a barren region inhabited by lunatics, necromancers, and exiled criminals.