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This is my first submission. I hope you like it.

In the city of Tracei, A war nearby has started. The king of Tracei has decided to join the war, but this idea isn't welcome by everyone in the city. A small rebellion has started within the town. You must join the group to protect your younger brother and travel to the castle and defeat the king.

Important Characters:

Alex- The main character in the story. He is a swordsman who feels the need to join the rebellion.

Jon- This is the main characters brother. He is also the main reason you joined the rebellion in the first place.

Hendraci- The rebellion leader. A betrayed soldier of the castle of Tracei, sets out to stop the war at hand.

"???"- This character's name is not known throughout the story. This character is Hendraci's brother. A High class soldier known for his attack "Spear of light." Met early in the adventure, he poses a big threat.

King Drakius- The king of Tracei. The main target in this adventure. He joined the war that was not accepted by all, so therefore he must be stopped.

Karkaidus- A rouge vampire who lerks about in the high mountains. Some say he's a myth.

Important Information:

-You cannot save whenever you want to. There are signs in the game that you read to save. Also you will sometimes get the option to save.


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From what i've read it sounds fairly cool.
It seems like it could be a good game.
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