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secret meeting building
  • martin2319
  • Added: 02/19/2008 08:35 AM
  • Last updated: 02/04/2023 02:36 PM


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Heh heh. What if he wasn't there for the secret meeting? Would "???" be like "Uhhh, scratch that!" lol You should make it something like its really windy out today.... then you gotta say a password like: "Not as windy as blah blah" and have choices. Just an opinion.
lol yeah I guess you're right. I actually didn't think about that.
Yeah, totally secret!
As Warski said make it so that you need a password or maybe if this is at the start of the game you could make this the point where the player chooses their name via the gaurd asking what your name is and then letting you in!
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