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On a distant edge of an unknown planet, an abandoned structure sits in silence. Constructed by an unmanned research vessel sent from Earth, the Lun Infinus station was designed to run simulations for a five year period, exploring possibilities of human colonization in the case that Earth became uninhabitable. Developed during an age of ambition and wealth, the project was quickly abandoned when interest faded in the following years. The last transmission from Earth occurred more than thirty years ago.

The Lun Infinus station contained five sentient computers, Derelicts, built with certain levels of mobility in the case of emergency or need for relocation. Each of these Derelicts was to formulate their own plan for colonization based on thousands of hours of simulations. Given the amount of time that has passed however, the simulations have become very elaborate and bizarre.

Meanwhile however, a mysterious computer virus has emerged. The virus of unknown origins has been slowly ravaging the Derelicts. Because of this, more and more CPU processing power has been needed for anti-virus measures, leaving less power for the simulations.

Coffee is the last mobile resident of the station, a small service robot who spends his days keeping the station and the Derelicts operational as they perform their daily tasks. Since CPU power is slim, Coffee has been cutting corners to find ways around the virus. By using small subsystems and less vital CPU's scattered through the station in lesser devices, Coffee has designed a line of digital helpers, each simply called a D-Co, or "Digital Counterpart", to assist him in fighting the virus and keeping the station operational. Eventually the virus gets the best of each D-Co, and Coffee tries to create an improved D-Co using a different CPU. The latest is D-Co 9, built using the code of a simple computer game. Coffee dedicates his own CPU to be used for the main simulations, putting D-Co in charge of moving his body throughout the station, taking care of the needs of the Derelicts, and fighting off virus attacks when they occur.

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Holy hell. This looks amazing, but some of that post needs to be cordoned off into different sections. That is quite the wall of words.
rad original

also holy canollis 450mb. does it come with my own personal robot slave?
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
This looks terrific and storywise too.
The link dont work for me what is the problem ??
Intriguing. Story and gameplay are both pretty good. I have no clue how to beat the final boss though. Am I correct in assuming that Vulnera is a one-hit-kill attack, or should I invest more bits in the HP upgrade?
This is really cool, but I have a problem. There's something wrong with the battle system for me. At the start, where it shows cut-ins of everyone, it just shows three of Bio-Beta, and in one case, four of him. The problem is that the cut-ins don't go away, and I can't really see the enemy. It doesn't keep me from playing, but it's ruining the fun of it for me.
I believe I had a similar problem once, but the cut-in was only repeated once, and went away like the others. I don't remember which battle that was on, though.
Do you suppose it might stop if I just keep at it, then?
If it's random like it seems, maybe. Your problem seems a lot worse than mine, though.
There's a good chance it's my computer, I'm afraid. It's getting kind of old. Nontheless, I'm still going to try. I like this too much.
Is this related to the game 'The Desolate Room'?
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
How the fucking fuck have I not seen this?

*subscribes, downloads*
Is this related to the game 'The Desolate Room'?

Yes, given it's mention here: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-desolate-room/96922

The Desolate Room is a prequel to The Desolate Hope. I made this game over ten years ago but I think it's still a pretty good game.[/quote

Also, the game has a TvTropes page, and is free on Steam, if that version is not the same as this version, whatever it was...: http://store.steampowered.com/app/298180/
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