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- When firing, your ships speed decreases by half, forcing you to stop firing in order to dodge bullets faster.

- When pressing the <Locate Enemy> button, your ship will target the closest enemy to fire at.

- Press and hold the <Orders> button to open the orders window. Pressing the arrow keys selects one of the four orders for your ally units.

- Exp is gained by destroying enemies. Exp is lost when your ship respawns from being destroyed. Once you have gained enough Exp your ship will improve in certain ways.

- If your ship or command centers are destroyed and you lose the level with less Exp then you started with, you will regain the Exp you lost.

- If your ship moves off the map for more then 3 seconds your ship will automatically be destroyed.

1) Stop firing in order to move faster and dodge bullets better
2) Use the <Locate Enemy> button often to target and fire at the closest enemy
3) Try issuing different orders for ally units depending on the situation