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This was the first full RPG Maker game I finished and it was originally released in 2008. Later, I tweaked it, added some features, fixed some bugs, and polished it up a bit more to release the DX (Deluxe) version. This is the DX version, as the original is completely obsoleted by this.

You play as Geoff, a teen from a typical US suburb. When his friends find a set of strange costumes in an old abandoned theater, they decide to use them on Halloween night, but what happens is not what they were expecting.

First time through, gameplay is roughly 1-2 hours, depending on your puzzle-solving skills. It is heavily based around solving puzzles; the only combat in the game is also puzzle-based.

There is a special ending obtained by finding all of the optional trading cards in the game.

A few tips for frequently asked questions:
- It IS possible to be stuck in an unwinnable situation using the Statue of Rekaal, so be careful using them.
- Saving from the neighborhood map is ALWAYS safe.
- Hold shift to run.

There is also a special edition of the game, containing producer's commentary nodes added to the game, a strategy guide, and a playable demo of the sequel, The Masquerade. But this is not included in this download.

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Finally got around to playing through and finishing it. I liked the puzzles in the game :D some where a bit frustrating, but they all have fairly simple solutions after paying enough attention or exploring enough. I liked the whole last part too in the
doomsday realm

Defiantly a fun little puzzle game if you're looking to kill an hour or so :D Had some good humor in it, too. Also thought the
game over ending where the town gets burned was pretty gnarly.

This game is fucking simple just collect everything before you even start the puzzle or else just keep fucking start from all over again.
I downloaded the "The Theater.exe" file and extracted it to my desktop, but when I tried to run Game.exe, it said "RGSS202E.dll could not be found." Can someone help?
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