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After over 10 years on and off working on this game, I finally actually have time to work on games. Instead of trying to figure out where the hell I was on this one, I'm working on another game. So I'm marking this game as cancelled, unless somehow in the future I decide to go full-throttle on it's development.

* Name changed from "Realm of Luna" to Recondite.

Recondite has been in production for two years, though the ideas for it have spanned over a decade and the production time as been minimal and came to a complete stop for over one year. Production started up again in the past few months and the game has seen some substantial progress.

The basic plot of Recondite is a very old cliche; amnesia. The main character can not remember who they are or where they are from. Not because of a bump on the head, but because a wizard has been so rude as to suck them out of their own dimension and transport them to Luna. Being outside of his own time and space, the hero does not remember who he is. The 4 main story line branches of the game focus on different approaches to finding his way home.

The game boasts a few unique or semi-unique systems.

A few features:

- Free roaming world, flexible paths.
- Two types of combat systems.
- Unique magic learning system.
- "Realistic" statistics, ailments, etc.
- No experience system or forced grinding.
- Random world map encounters similar to Dragon Age.
- Mining, smithing, fishing, and enchanting.
- Several guilds, including a completely unique guild concept.
- Three large cities and a number of other towns; dozens of locations in all.
- More secrets then you will ever find.
- Elaborate, branching quest-lines that keep the character engaged and always after the next prize.
- Much more.

Latest Blog

Just an Update

Timberwall added to the game. This small fishing town in the Tai'Luna Empire is located on the coast south of the Grasslands. It's primary features are it's bustling bar and mysterious mystic. The people here have a different view on faith than most of the world and are much more easy going.

Currently working on the first major story path and subsequent side-quests. This is the Temple story-line of which the main hero "Walks the Path of The Four." The Four are the Goddesses Al'Atra (who), Al'Plias (where), Al'Xoce (when) and Al'Nemis (what). Together they form the Temple of The Four and are the primary religion of Luna. The game initially will push you into the temple quests as part of the games tutorial, but you can choose not to pursue these quests right away. If I do an early test release it will probably only have this major story path.

Clearly the temple quest is a religious path. The other major game paths will be based on Politics, Magic and Mystery.

The Temple path has you seeking out the Goddesses and completing their missions for their favor, in hopes they will provide a way for you to return to your own realm. This is dungeon and side-quest heavy.

The Political path is one that the hero uses to seek favor with powerful people in hopes they may help him find a way home. It involves plots, war, sabotage and all around cunning. There will be many player choice based quests in this timeline as well as stealth missions.

The Magic path requires you to enter the Mages Guild in hopes with their favor they will help you recreate the method of which brought you to this realm to send you back. This heavily spell based path will teach you a great deal of magic and help you obtain the strongest spells in the game, but will also pin you against some of the games strongest and most difficult opponents. All so you can come back and be looked down upon by your peers.

The Mystery path is just that. There is no clear path to follow, you are simply to "find the keys" for the Tower of Portunus and complete the very first quest which you are given. When you begin the player does not know what the keys look like, where they can be found, or where they are to be brought. On top of it all, there are dozens of them scattered throughout the world. This is the "Explore Everything There is To Explore" quest line. This quest line will be implemented along side the others to balance out the game.

All four main quest paths can be completed at any time, in any order, or all mixed up. Keeping in mind that some choices made in one path may have consequences on another. It could be as simple as missing an opportunity for gold, or as terrible as missing a critical item.

Back to programming this extremely complicated questing system.
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With no experience are battles purely for gold to make you better? Is it possible to see pictures of some battles? What is the point of the guilds?
I can defiantly see where you’re coming from
It sounds like a bit of an undertaking to make, but sounds like it will be awesome if you can pull it off.
With no experience are battles purely for gold to make you better? Is it possible to see pictures of some battles? What is the point of the guilds?

There are two types of battles systems. The first being the classic random encounter. This is not so frequent that it becomes annoying, and typically will pin you one on one with animals/creatures in which you'll need to find a weakness to defeat easily. These are meant to break up exploration a bit.

The second type of battle is the action battle, typically for fighting bosses or sub-bosses.

I was going to make a third style of battle system that I was to call the "Dungeon Battle System." Here you would walk in to a room and the room would become a separate map where you play a turn based movement system that would allow you to find/disable/avoid traps, attack or avoid enemies, and find otherwise unattainable chests. This system was rather sweet, but would be a substantial addition to the game that ultimately could not justify the delay it would cause for release.

Battles typically do not give you gold either. In fact, I'm trying to make gold rare enough in the game that only players that have moved significantly far through the storyline won't have to worry about their gold levels. Battles do drop items from enemies that can be traded for a number of valuables. There is also a Funhouse in the game where you can receive tokens to play by trading in these items. This funhouse is pretty freaking sweet so far.

I can't tell you a lot about the guilds without spoilers. What I can tell you is that each is unique in the design and objectives.

I'll post battle shots as I spend more time on the battle systems.

It sounds like a bit of an undertaking to make, but sounds like it will be awesome if you can pull it off.

At this point I have no concerns of pulling it off. 90% of all mapping that will be done is complete, most systems are complete, dozens of quests are designed and waiting for implementation and I've begun implementing them.

This game is designed primarily for four types of players: Hoarders, Achievement Hunters, Explorers and Questers.
This all sounds great. Best of luck to you.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
i'd stil ove to see the dungeo battle system i9fyu cna find a way to put it in. m,aybe you cna impement the traps, etc in dungeon maps. also, wiht the name change atre you stil going to be using/needing things lie Clair del une?
Oh boy, I really need to get back to this. Two jobs and a girlfriend has taken me away from game development for months and months.

There are still plenty of references to the moon and wolves so the music will still be used. The dungeon system is being mixed together in a way that will use a lot less programming. Don't worry, traps will exist. I'll also be doing something like I had in the original make of this game (never completed) where some dungeons don't let you go back after a certain point (player warned to save).

Some things I was playing around with before I stopped: pirates, sea battles and merchant ship trading/pirating. Custom houses. A new town. The main storyline.

Ok, I'm going to open this up right now and get back to work.
Tomb put aside for this? So many beautiful projects.
Yes, Tomb is frustrating. I need to figure out what exactly is going into Tomb and what isn't, because the levels weren't turning out like planned. Though the world map looks and operates fantastically and the objects behave properly, I think I need to remove jumping.

Tomb is a distraction project for when I get bored of Recondite, so that I don't ever fully abandon it. Recondite is my baby, the dream game I've wanted to complete forever. I really need to stop letting things distract me from it. Currently trying to get it over to my new computer and having some issues with format, but in the mean time I'm getting a lot of dialog written out.
aw what

If it's any consolation, the game was becoming so big and complex for one person (mostly story wise) that I've struggled for a long time on whether or not to make a game or a book. Likely this will become a book or series of stories in the future.

I'm working on another ambitious project though, enthusiastically, and making quick and organized headway. I think you'll be happier with this new concept and design more than the rehashed fantasy world of Recondite.
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