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Progress Report


To anyone who still remembers this project... hello. It has been some time. I'd like to first thank those who personally reached out to me about this project's status during these years and I'm sorry for not responding to your messages. To be completely honest so much started happening around 2018 and it snowballed from there. And even now I'm not completely sure about my own health status but I digress. I'm sure everyone has their own struggles.

Anyway, this is about the status of this project and how I honestly feel about it. So, I was alerted to the fact that the download link was broken. That was odd to me. It's on Google Drive and I could download it just fine. But today I took the time to go through my Drive and saw that there was a flag icon next to the file. I reached out to Google and they informed me that the file had been taken down for legal reasons.

"This item was taken down for legal reasons and cannot be appealed."

This was news to me. If I had to guess maybe it was DMCA'd automatically by Google. I don't know. But here's the new link if anyone still wants it. The actual homepage download link was also updated. Sorry about that.


As for the development of the game itself. I know I kept saying that I would finish the game. And I really wanted to at the time and to an extent I still want to complete it. But truth be told I pulled it up in the editor and I don't know what the heck is even going on with all the mangled Frankenstein bits of common events that make it work. Even the comments I left in there to explain why things happened are dumb. I really don't remember how much of it works.

In addition to this, I'm honestly just trying to get my life together and be a normal functioning adult. I've faced a few setbacks (I'm sure we all have during this time), mentally and physically that made me realize just how fragile life can be and how much of it I've wasted.

Lastly, I'm sure those of you who've been following gaming news know that Dragon Quest 1-3 are being remade in the HD-2D engine. I started this project to create the best version of Dragon Quest 1 you could play and I'm certain that the HD-2D Remake will make that statement irrelevant. I know when I'm beaten so I try to pivot to something else.

With all that being said, I would truly like to at least tie up loose ends and release a cohesive project without all the random extra content but I'm not going to promise anything anymore. My promises in the past obviously have held no weight to them and ultimately disappointed a lot of people.

As of now the project will be put on Hiatus and I'll let you know if anything changes. Until then, take care of yourselves. And take care of each other.


Dragon Quest + Demo is Live!

Yup, the first public demo is available now to download. I've tried my best to make this a solid and enjoyable experience. In order to get the best look out of 2k3 games in the official release or fan translation, please run the game in full screen mode.

It's finally here! The Demo For Dragon Quest + is available to everyone this time around, and if you've tested the old game before, testing this version is like night and day, so get it a try!


* Gameplay Demo is 90 Minutes, or 1 Hour and 30 Minutes long. After that time is up the game will shut down. You however, can restart as many times as you'd like. I put a time restriction on because not only is Dragon Quest a rather short game, but I want the full experience to be there when the full game releases.

*If you find any bugs, please notify me when you can. Preferably with Screenshots if possible.

*If you have any feedback regarding difficulty, dialogue, etc. also make sure to notify me.

*The game SHOULD work without the RTP installed, if it doesn't you'll have to install the 2k3 RTP for now.

*If you run into any soft locks, which can happen based on the custom menu system/switch management, also take a screenshot of it. I haven't encountered a soft lock in test play in some time. I just ran through the demo without any issues, so it is at least a sound and solid demo.

*Some events like meeting God scenarios, new story developments, were removed to enhance the demo experience.

Again, I truly hope you enjoy this demo and I hope that it at least lives up to Dragon Quest fan's expectations. If it doesn't. don't hesitate to tell me.

I hope you enjoy it!


Main Game Finished

So yeah, remember about 5 years ago when I said the main game was finished?... I lied. Now it's finished. It's fully playable from start to finish with a few bonus areas scattered about, mini medals to collect, and some side quests as well.


The game itself was something I thought I'd never be able to accomplish on something like 2k3 and the overall quality of it has surprised me several times. That being said it was at first not very fun to make all the menus, hero naming, shop selling, buying, battles, etc. without the built in functions but in the end it came out for the best as this is, in my opinion much better than any version of Dragon Quest 1. I'm really happy with the final product.

Where the game stands now:

The game took around 10 hours to complete. I also tried to make it so that grinding was very limited, especially in the end stages of the main game. I might want to go back in and tweak enemy stats and magic a little bit and getting feedback from testers.

Some events in the game are not like the original Dragon Quest, I've edited specifically the second half of the game to be more linear than the first half as a result.

What now?:

So, as I mentioned earlier university is creeping back up on me and this is my senior year, I'm not going to have much time to work on the game from september to december but during fall break I'll be doing 2 things to ensure a demo is out by the end of the year:

1.) Cleaning up game files, game text, events, music looping, misc. things to ensure a smooth testing period.

2.) Enlisting translators for the French translation.

So, that's the plan. In terms of the post game, I'm currently doing maps and thinking up scenarios for the post game. My hope is to create another 8-10 hours of content, almost doubling the playtime of the first game.

Since I've implemented all of the hard stuff, coming up with new content should be relatively simple and I'll have all of 2018 to create this content and finally end this.

Again, thank each and every one of you for hanging on for 5 years, you won't be disappointed. The game is in good hands now.

Progress Report

New Progress/Hiatus

I'm going to do this quick. Dragon Quest + has received quite the update over the past couple of months. The battle system is near complete, as I only have to implement the magic use, items during battle have been implemented and so much more. I'm certain that the game will have a demo by the end of the year and a finalized next year launch is almost guaranteed including the extra content.

All shops, weapons, armor, item uses have been completed as well. So, this game is really nearing the point where I can simply have fun with adding as much extra content as possible. So yes, the game is progressing really well and I can't wait for everyone to try it out.

However, Dragon Quest + will be put on Hiatus after this blog is out simply to work on various summer projects for university, etc. and that will lead up into returning to university. So at most, it'll be a 3.5-4 month hiatus. But unlike the other reasons why I've cancelled/hiatus on games, this is because I need to put it down or I'll work on it all summer and not put it down. It's really fun working on it :D The only thing I really don't like working on are battle animations so yeah...if anybody wants to help me in that area...shoot me a pm...plz? I'm just afraid that the game will look so good but the battle animations will be complete crap...but you'll see more of the animations in this:

I am currently rendering out a gameplay video that explores Garin's Grave and shows off some of the new mechanics coming to Dragon Quest +. I hope you are all very excited for the game. The quality of it is really even surprising me, well until then, bye!

Progress Report

Late New Year Update + Possible Contest

First of all, happy late New Years everybody!!! And congrats to those who have submitted games for the Misaos! Hopefully we see some great turnout from voters this year. And sit back because this is going to be a big one.

Now, I digress, I know you've all been wanting to know more about the progress of the game. As some of you may know Universtiy took a huge toll on the game's progress and at times progress came to an absolute halt. So in effect, while progress isn't where I want it to be, it's still is nothing to sneeze at. But before I get to the progress, I've got something else to get out the way.

I'm thinking of some sort of contest that'll take place over RMN, Dragon's Den (Largest US/CA Dragon Quest Fan Site) and Dragon Quest Fan (Largest French Dragon Quest Fan Site). I don't know the exact details of what the contest will entail but the winners of the contest will get small prizes. I'm thinking the prizes will be things like SNES USB Controllers as DQ+ is mean to be a DQ3 SNES reimagination of the game, Mini Medals for runner ups, and Dragon Quest Vinyl and Plushies. Nothing huge, but that's what I'm thinking of doing.

NOW, to the update. One good thing that did come out of University was the fact that I learned a great deal of PHP programming. It was the first programming language I really learned and it taught me so much in terms of programming tricks. So I decided to implement those concepts into RPG Maker Events which is quite time consuming but it makes sense on a 2k3 game.

What you need to know from this is that I've made a system that makes developing the game really easy. For the first time in all of my projects, I can visualize the game being finished. And as I test the game, I keep telling myself that you guys (Fans of classic JRPGS and Dragon Quest in general) are going to love it and that's really the only thing that matters to me.

Progress Made Overall:==========================================================

a.) Implemented my own random battle stepcounter/encounter function. 100% done.

b.) Implemented menu equip/unequip/info for all weapons, armor, and accessories.

c.) You can now change the text speed from 1-9 with 9 being the slowest.

d.) Status menu has been implemented. 100% done

e.) Enemy encounters only require a call event to change stats and abilities of the current enemy.

f.) I fixed all transparency issues onset by mixing and matching executable patches/utilities. So now I can use events as clouds. This is a very small thing but it really helps bring the overworld to life.

Random Screens:

What's Left?:==========================================================

a.) Records and Magic implementation. Both are really simple, the only thing I don't like is setting the pointers and stuff.

b.) Redoing monster animations to match the SNES animations. I've gotten a hold of battle sprites from DQ3 SNES and I'm redoing the animations to match the style of this game.

c.) Monster behaviors. This again, is really simple. I've found a great tutorial on Gamefaqs that walks through how enemies behave so that's really helping me out.

d.) Ironing out the minigame. Yes, minigame. I've for now chosen to focus on slots as the main minigame included. It's also very possible that I also get blackjack/21 implemented as well before release. Slime quest, on the other hand, is very finicky. I still plan on doing Slime Quest, maybe a level or 2 but not much more.

e.) The item shop. Again, this is very easy to do. It will be completely custom and not message based like previous versions that testers played. It'll be more like the SNES shops.

f.) Post game content. I've got a slew of ideas that are slated for the post game. Trust me folks, it'll be great, everybody says so.

g.) French Translation: The french translation is still in the books. Thanks to dreamaker and Picture Text creator.

Done by end of 2017?:==========================================================

At this point, I'm optimistic that the game will be done by the end of 2017. I know what needs to be done, I know how to do it. It's just that time clashing with University. To make matters worse, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is slated for March. That game is going to consume so much of my time. But I will make sure to work on Dragon Quest + as much as possible. I'll be adding screenshots of the images on the blog shortly.

As I've said, my goal is to make this game the most authentic, and best version of Dragon Quest 1 you can play on any console, handheld or smartphone. I hope you've had a wonderful new year, here's to an amazing 2017! Seriously there's so many great games coming this year.


Progress Report

Final Stretch

We're here guys. The final stretch of Dragon Quest +. The battle system, although still being worked on, is coming together nicely. The menu system won't be like Classic Dragon Quest games. It will be recycling my other game's menu system but it will be re-arranged a considerable amount.

The extra content is also coming together nicely and will entail getting a ship that can sail undersea, a flying carpet, a volcano, ice cave, and 4 towers placed in the overworld and under the sea that allow you to reach the game's last final boss(es). I don't want to give out too much but it's gonna be worth the wait.

I implore you to wait a years time to get everything tight and compact. With the games that I have released and games that I didn't release, they were incomplete and lacked direction. At least with this one, I'll see what a finished game takes to be completed. I can't wait for everyone to try it out.

Changes being made to game:

-No more party members. You are the only party member in the main and post game. This'll be a great journey to take by yourself though.

-Menu doesn't follow Dragon Quest's simple menu system. It's much more visual. You will get a taste of Battle and Menu systems in June.

-1 extra continent will be added to Alefgard, thus breaking the "canon" of the game if you will.

Just a small update for you guys. From here on out, it's gonna be a stretch but my hope is that this game becomes the best version of Dragon Quest 1 you can play. Thank you for your patience.


Question about Piracy

For the first time over the 4 years of Dragon Quest +'s development I've been told by others that this game may qualify as piracy. Now, I don't know the legal side of developing fan games for a company's IP but as long as I make sure that I note that graphics, sound, music, are not created by myself then I should be okay right?

I have a disclaimer in the game that shows up before the game even starts. I would never take credit for something I know isn't mine. It's just stupid. The people in question that contacted me say that this again, mind as well be piracy...but I'm not making a 1:1 copy like Woodus did with Dragon Warrior Remix which was done in RPG Maker 2k and served as my inspiration because I knew I could do better than that.

They also said if Square Enix knew about the game, they'd sue me up the butt. I'm like come on, this game is NOTHING compared to other games that have been made nor should it be seen as such. And it's FREE. It's not like I'm charging anyone for it. It's a labor of love for the series. I'm not worried that much but the people ini question were moderators on VGChartz.com so I guess they'd have some credibility but not much. They're people just like me.

Here's one of the mod's quotes:

"This is nothing more than Piracy. How about you remake a western game instead taking advantage of the Japanese people? If they were Americans they would sue you until you're bankrupt."

I know that my games don't use original art done by myself, albeit heavily edited. But...what do you guys think? Is this game on the path of piracy/infringement? If so, how can I make sure that it isn't without sacrificing the progress of the game?

Progress Report

Progress Report

Hey guys, I'm here with a Dragon Quest + Update.

This game is still very well in development but if you haven't noticed I've pushed the release back at least 6 months. I hate to pull a Eiji Aonuma but there's a method behind my madness.

I kinda REALLY want this game to be as faithful to Dragon Quest as possible. In essence, this really boils down to the integration of the battle system. Ideas from Father are being mixed with ideas from Dragon Quest in their own ways. While working on the battle system for Father I realized that this is just a dumbed down Dragon Quest battle system that I'm working on. So now I will replicate the traditional on screen battle system.

It's quite simple and to do this I will be using the actual algorithms from the NES and SNES games to calculate damage, level up stats, and basically render 2k3's engine as basically a text display engine. I want to do my own battle system because in 2k3 it's very hard to do a Dragon Quest game because of how stats are calculated. Another upside to this is now, you can fight on your own terms. I will not be using random battles or custom step counters. It'll be more like Dragon Quest IX.

The game will also be using the Japanese translation so no more "thous" and "thee". This makes it easier to release translations for French and Spanish. I currently have a team on deck that will help in the French translation over on the Dragon Quest Fan site. I think I will be able to handle the Spanish Translation by myself. So be ready for names like Garai instead of Garinham and Ludatorm instead of Tantegel.

The shops will also be a modified version from Father. I'm having a lot of fun working on this game and I want this to be a truly great project. Of the 3 years this game has been in development, I probably spent around 4 months full time on this game. To put that in perspective, the 6-8 months that I expect to work on the battle system and shops, I will probably use 1-2 months on the game.

Please understand. I know that I haven't released a single game, however this remake will most likely make up for that. I am a HUGE Dragon Quest fan and I'm doing my beast to make an authentic experience on a game engine that's 12 years old. I urge you to wait just a bit longer, it'll be well worth the wait.

If you read this essay, thank you and if I don't speak again soon, happy holidays. May the force be with you.

Progress Report

Well, I guess I have to.

So...I kinda thought it would be a good idea to put Dragon Quest + on hiatus...that obviously wasn't a good idea. The mail can stop now...please... no more mail. Actually, on the subject of mail, I won't point out names, but I know I cancelled my first game and work has slowed down on this one. Actually, I wasn't even going to finish the game after Dragon Quest 1 arrived on Smartphones. But I have promises to keep including a French translation for Dragon Quest Fan.

Thus, I guess I have to finish this strong. However, keep in mind that most Dragon Quest fan games are made on more advanced programs like XP, XV and the sort. Those engines, as we all know, handle scripts easier and allow so much more funtionality than that of 2K3. Dragon Quest games aren't really something you do on 2k3 but at the time, I didn't know that. But I'm doing the best I can do and that's all that matters...right?

When the game releases in December, that'll be the end of that. I'll be able to move on and make more stuff for the site and hopefully, actually finish that "more stuff". Thanks to all the loyal fans that have stayed with me since 2012, I feel like I don't deserve your loyalty but hey, thanks and I promise I'll make the best DQ on 2k3...(like there are any other ones out there XD).

Mark my words, I will finish a game! I even had a backlog of screenshots that I didn't upload because I was that close to closing the development. I'll be uploading some more soon.

Progress Report

Minor Update+ Potential Version Update(Testers only)

Hiya everyone, it's Ljink.

I just have a few announcements/random stuff that pertains to the game and how it will be developed until it is finished from here on out.

I have put Just Peachy on hold, (WTF is just Peachy, I know you're saying it) but I'm putting it on hold in order to put as much time into DQ+ as possible. I just played the android version and I think you'll like this one a bit better. And as others have pointed out, it's free.

The game has recently been rebuilt from the ground up as my knowledge of how to use "makers" has increased since 2012 and I had to compensate for that. So, maps look better, slots are going to look better, battle bgs should look better, you get the point.

The personality quiz was redone and you can see one of the elaborate questions in the new images I've posted. Face portraits will be done with a better quality due to me acquiring photoshop so you won't see those nasty bits around a portrait. And please, if you know any good Dragon Quest portraits that might help, please send them to me. I'm really having trouble, even with google, to find decent portraits.

I'm just reassuring the progress of the game and that it isn't dead just because I've neglected it in the past. Justa little small update. If you have any questions about the game or want to test it, let me know. I think I'll update the version to a more stable version than v1.1b.

This is Ljink, signing off!
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