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"This world sits on the edge of an abyss. The moment you forget it's there, the moment you get comfortable - that's when you fall into its darkest depths."

On the world of Villnoire, a war between two races reaches breaking point. The story follows Lukas, an unfulfilled man living on the under populated island of Palmira. Lukas finds his life thrust into chaos when a series of lucky coincidences leads him to meet Vivian, a girl who isn’t quite what she seems. Driven by a senseless conflict and those who pursue him, Lukas is drawn into a battle he can no longer escape. He slowly learns he is not alone, and a shared common goal cannot only unite a team of unlikely friends - but unite a whole nation.

- Capturing the heart of a SNES RPG, explore through the blazing deserts, cold mountains, tranquil forests and dark caves of Villnoire in this 12 hour character driven adventure.
- Original assets such as character artwork and a completely original soundtrack spanning over 25 beautiful tracks.
- Collect various materials from slain enemies, and combine them to concoct rare Potions in the Alchemy Shop.
- Equip skills on each characters flexible and unique Ability Board. Equip different combinations of skills to unlock compound passives to further enhance each character.
- Store power in battle and unleash devastating abilities using the Overflow system.
- Collect each treasure chest throughout the locations in Villnoire to receive extra bonuses and rare equipment upon completion.
- Explore a classic world map by land and sea. Stumble upon plenty of hidden areas and secrets to collect.

Primary Graphics - First Seed Material
Original Soundtrack - Clayton Stroup
Original Facesets - Trevor McAleese
Original EX Font - Trevor McAleese

If the font is not showing correctly, please install MS Echoes which is included in the game folder

Latest Blog

Villnoire is Complete!

Yes, you read that right! Villnoire is complete! It’s not a joke, I wouldn't be that cruel.

Part of me doesn’t know what to write. I mean, just look at that date. 02/20/2008, unbelievable isn't it? The 16 year old Little Wing Guy that created this game page never thought this day would come, but what a journey this has been. An 11 year journey filled with two cancellations, two remake attempts, and buckets of disappointment for all the people subscribed to this game. Sorry about that, hopefully this release will make up for it. Granted, I haven’t been working on it for a full straight 11 years; around 3 years ago I picked this up from the bottom of the gutter, wiped away all the stains of vapourware and started again from scratch. This idea, this dream has stayed with me for all those 11 years though, and I can finally stamp those magic words “Completed” in all its green font glory. Excuse my language, but it feels fucking amazing.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this game. Honestly, I have. This game isn’t perfect, but it is me through and through. I’m immensely proud of this game; I don’t think I personally could have made it any better. It deals with themes and ideas that are really close to home. My passion for this game, world and characters has stayed with me for these 11 years, and I hope it translates over to everyone who plays it. I want nothing more to gift this game to RMN and let the community enjoy it and of course get featured and earn Misaos. Villnoire has been such a huge part of my life, but I think for a long time I’m still going to be opening up RPG Maker, blanking staring at the database before it dawns on me that I don’t actually need to anymore.

A big part of why this game is completed is because of RMN. I have a huge thank you to say to so many members of this community, I wouldn't know where to start. People here have had faith in me, even when I didn’t have any in myself. People may think it’s silly, but Villnoire is one of my proudest achievements in life. This game is a symbol of not giving up (unless we’re talking about my social life because that went a loooong time ago lol).

Anyway, if you’re reading this and you’ve recently played Theia, but thought to yourself “I would much rather play a shorter, less epic mediocre version of this” then look no further, Villnoire is the perfect game for you! I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Anything you want to say, the good, the bad, the ugly - I’d love it hear it all in any format (unless it’s a 1 star review, can I kindly ask you not to upload that? Thanks).

Thank you so much for sticking with me, I couldn't have asked for more. Now it’s finally time to start a new project for the next 11 years playing more games on RMN and not constantly worry about my own game.


Loving this so far. Didn't realize it would be complete so soon.

I did run into a bug. In Heimhold, Vivian was killed by one of the soldier mobs so it was just Lukas vs an Officer enemy. The Officer somehow got stuck in an endless loop of using Stun Rod on Lukas, so I was never able to get a turn and had to restart. Of course, this scenario is rare but I wasn't paying attention and darn one of my party members is dead.
one thing is that in Casanero when i spoke to the teacher from the left in front of the class(of two) and to the right of the bookshelf,she just stand there and i was captured between her and the bookshelf.I hope you understand what i`m trying to explain. She should move around like the other NPC s. I know this is surely truly rare to be locked there,but i load an save file from the other town and only lost some minutes so not a big problem.

I did run into a bug. In Heimhold, Vivian was killed by one of the soldier mobs so it was just Lukas vs an Officer enemy. The Officer somehow got stuck in an endless loop of using Stun Rod on Lukas, so I was never able to get a turn and had to restart. Of course, this scenario is rare but I wasn't paying attention and darn one of my party members is dead.

Sorry about both of these! Thanks very much for bringing them to my attention, these are the exact things I want to hear about. I'll patch the download very shortly with both of these things fixed.

Thanks so much for giving the game a go. I hope you didn't lose too much progress!
So I didn't encounter any more bugs after the one I mentioned, which is a good thing. I finished the game last night, and I loved it. Took me more than 10 hours since I tried to do everything, but I missed a chest in the last dungeon still. I did do the optional dungeon.

Anyway, the writing is phenomenal. The dialogue and character interactions really made me care about each and every one of the up till the very end. I felt that the game's plot is progressed by the characters actions, instead of vice versa. Again, a good thing...when you try to have a story lord over the characters, it's harder to connect with them and sometimes their actions don't make sense (ie doing something specifically so the plot can progress forward).

I didn't like the ending though. Here's why.

I don't think Lukas deserved to die. That was just a punch in the gut and completely unfair to the character. The guy had a shit hand dealt to him pretty much his entire life-- forced to kill innocents, then moves to live in isolation while being hunted by his old allies, then wakes up to find his pregnant wife, too heartbroken to reveal this fact, then he's stabbed by Zach and later killed at the end.

I felt that near the end in his cabin before going to Inchor, he finally had something to live for and that was his newfound friends. He finally fit in somewhere and had people that deeply cared for him.

Now then, the entire plan to turn Inchor was a bit...off. Firstly, Vorian was a crazed madman and leaving him unsupervised like that was out of character. If anything, he should have been killed, not imprisoned, for all the crimes he committed. I'm supposed to believe that Brice is able to turn an entire population/race of Humans against him and Adray just through a speech? I really don't buy it. There would surely be soldiers still loyal to the other Vanhearts and all he has to do is bribe one of them to assassinate Brice and let him free. Oops, we're back to where we started.

Lukas' death hit me harder than anytime Game of Thrones has ever killed beloved characters. I suppose that's a good thing, showing that I actually cared about your characters and writing enough to shed a tear at the end. But I was more angry than sad because I wanted a happy ending for him, and it felt like the game was headed that way.

Maybe you can make an alternate ending where he lives.
I actually really enjoyed this game. I literally cried at the end and I never do, especially in RPG Games. I really like the amount of effort and time that was put into this game. I am also curious...how did you make the face sets for the characters? I have been trying to make my own styled game similar to the graphic sets like in the game. The face sets sets in the game are the similar kind I had in mind for my own.
I didn't like the ending though. Here's why.

I hope you don't mind, but I'll send you a PM and we can discuss this in more depth privately. If anyone is remotely like me, they'll happy click on the spoiler button and ruin the whole thing (I can never help myself haha). While that's totally their decision, it would be nice to keep as much of the ending as secret as possible.

I am also curious...how did you make the face sets for the characters? I have been trying to make my own styled game similar to the graphic sets like in the game. The face sets sets in the game are the similar kind I had in mind for my own.

Thank you for your kinds words! Means a great deal to me. The facesets were created by Trevor McAleese. He also created the title screen, the credits, game over screen as well as all the character poses and various other pixel related things. His portfolio is here: https://pixelation.org/index.php?topic=15928.0

You can (and should) directly email him at drixxel@gmail.com. He's a really nice, genuine guy. Listened to everything I wanted, and was happy to do any alterations. Although I paid him for his work, his rates are ridiculously affordable (to be honest I feel like he undercharged me). If you approach him and tell him you're after facesets in the same style, he can whip them up for you very quickly.

Honestly, I feel like I'm his salesman or something (I promise I'm not). I'm just a big fan of his. It was a blast to work with him!
Hi , i think i`m gonna get it to work, but should the people in the forest where you can turn around some, be looking forward? Or maybe it has not something to with it at all?Please give the answer or at lest a hint in a spoiler if you want.
Just point them in the same direction they face at the starting point.
Thanks Dyhalto, i will try this later today.
I'm currently playing and enjoying the game, but the level 20 cap is a crackpot idea. Yeah, I know, balancing reasons etc., but it's still way too low considering my playstyle. My first two party members just hit the level cap in the second (!) dungeon (Heimhold Ruins). I don't see a reason (not even balancing) why the game shouldn't at least utilize the usual/maximum level 99 cap where level-ups beyond level 20 only grant minor stat boosts (e.g. only +1 for every stat), accompanied by high thresholds between level-ups. Well, at least no more powerleveling from now on until I complete the game. :P
I'm currently playing and enjoying the game, but the level 20 cap is a crackpot idea. Yeah, I know, balancing reasons etc., but it's still way too low considering my playstyle.

Villnoire is somewhat of a more casual RPG experience, it's very streamlined and the difficulty is certainly low. It's probably a bit easier than I intended it to be, but I did struggle to find a good balance. I suppose I'd rather it be too easy, than too hard!

If I'm honest, I never ever in my wildest dreams anticipated a player reaching the level cap that early. At level 20, you will utterly obliterate every enemy that even dares look in your direction for probably the rest of the game. I can only apologise that it doesn't deliver what you wanted. I hope you still manage to find some enjoyment. I'll be the first person to admit I made some missteps in the game play department. If I ever make another game, I have a clearer idea of what people expect from me now.

Thanks for giving the game a go!
You don't need to apologize. Usually I'm the only one complaining about level caps being too low. :D It's just a wasted opportunity, generally speaking, not to exhaust the maximum level cap provided by the software, at least to my mind.

I can already tell that your game is beautiful and exciting in many aspects, and I'm okay with not every JRPG turning into a moderate hardcore experience. As things stand, you can even add "no grinding required" to the features list, which should be appealing to many potential players, and I've seen many developers nowadays do exactly that.

By the way, I just ran into a game-breaking bug, although most players won't maneuver themselves into this situation (edit: I didn't notice until now that kenlan already reported this issue): The nun in Casanero's church can block the player permanently if (s)he stays in the upper left corner (right of the bookshelf). This is a problem with NPCs in general, but I haven't encountered other dangerous situations so far. It should be possible, though, to make NPCs move in another direction if their path is blocked, even on otherwise predetermined routes.
Maxed out in the second dungeon!
I mostly maxed out in the second to last dungeon and I killed all the enemies at least once (usually twice). I second Dyhalto's yikes emoji

https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/785/stumbled on this, good ol times

My favourite part of that thread (there are lots of contenders) is Tau asking for a tileset in the announcement for the game and then that tileset being weirdly formatted for one very specific use, it's just peak 2008 RM*
Well, I assumed the level cap was 99, so I thought I could use an early-game boost. The thresholds between level-ups and the EXP dropped by monsters are somewhat steady, so leveling up doesn't take that long. Furthermore, the JRPG I played prior to Villnoire had a level cap of 999, which means I was probably still in "grinding mode". To quote from the movie "Lucky Bastard": "Don't laugh at me!" :P
I just found another game-breaking bug, this time on purpose. Two adjacent shore tiles north of Inchor aren't solid, enabling the player to disembark from the ship. If the player now travels south and enters Inchor, the ship will be lost forever (edit: Technically, this issue doesn't break the game anymore when the player is supposed to go to Inchor, but it's still inconvenient even then.). It's a personal challenge of mine to find ways to get permanently rid of vehicles in JRPGs. I was afraid I would come off empty-handed this time, but persistent stupidity always prevails. :D
For anyone interested, here's a (hopefully) complete list of treasures that can be found in the game.

The following items are divided into five categories: treasure chests, all treasures rewards, Quizzer, hidden, trade. An all treasures reward is handed out for opening all treasure chests in an area/dungeon/city. The only locations that don't offer an all treasures reward are the seven hidden areas on the world map that are revealed by equipping the Seeker Badge (see below in the Palmira Woods section). Quizzer can be found in every city, hiding in conspicuous objects, and rewards the party with a rare equipment piece upon answering a question correctly (bookshelves in the respective cities usually provide the answers to these questions), though he will only appear from the second city onwards if the player found him and answered his question correctly in the previously visited city. That means the Quizzer tasks have to be completed in succession, similar to the trade items (see below). Hidden items are hidden in various objects; they create a hard to notice sparkle, so keep your eyes peeled. Trade items refer to the trade side quest. You get a trade item from an NPC in the first city, then you find someone interested in this item in the next city, who gives you a new item in return, which can be traded in the following city and so forth. Concerning the order of the locations, optional locations are listed as soon as the items there can be pilfered. Locations without any items to be found (Hidden Grove) are excluded from the following list. As far as I can tell, there aren't any permanently missable items except for the Prologue's items (which you aren't allowed to keep anyway) and for everything not collected when crossing the obvious point of no return. Furthermore, you can grab all items in most (but not all) cities and dungeons before advancing the story or triggering the boss fight.

Granavelle Depths (Prologue) (4 + all treasures reward): 2 Small Tonics, 2 Small Syrups, Angel Feather, Big Tonic; Phoenix Feather (all treasures reward)
Note: Your inventory is cleared after the Prologue, so don't hold back on using these items during the boss fight. You won't be able yet to open the treasure chests or grab any items in Granavelle (the city) afterwards.

Secluded Cabin (2 + all treasures reward + 1 hidden): 2 Green Potions, 2 Small Tonics; 75 Fras (all treasures reward); Rare Bottle (flower pot on table)

Palmira Woods (6 + all treasures reward + 2 hidden): Seeker Badge, 2 Small Tonics, Magician Essence, 3 Green Potions, 60 Fras, 2 Small Syrups; 50 EXP (all treasures reward); Lucid Gel (bush sparkle on first map), Murky Gel (bush sparkle on last map)

Note: The Seeker Badge reveals hidden locations (blue icons) on the world map (when being equipped), so don't forget to grab it. You can enter these locations without having/equipping the Seeker Badge, but only an equipped Seeker Badge reveals the entrance points.

Palmira Village (4 + all treasures reward + Quizzer + 3 hidden + 1 trade): Small Syrup, 2 Purple Potions, Angel Feather, Knight Essence; 100 Fras (all treasures reward); Druid Badge (Quizzer, gift box in item shop, Beloved); Common Bottle (armor in equipment shop), Sparkle Gel (broom in inn), Rare Bottle (flower pot on table in Mayor's house); Palmira Apple (NPC near apple tree)

Forest northwest of Palmira Port (Seeker Badge): Knight Essence, Rare Bottle

Palmira Port (2 + all treasures reward + 1 hidden): 2 Incense (treasure chest in alcove between cargo and item shop building south of the two sailors), Small Syrup; 125 Fras (all treasures reward); Rare Bottle (flower pot on table in pub)

Heimhold Ruins (5 + all treasures reward + 2 hidden): 2 Small Tonics, Cursed Badge (treasure chest behind left pillar on save point map), Purple Potion, Bronze Boots, Mercy; 75 EXP (all treasures reward); Lucid Gel (crate near "sleeping" soldier in entrance hall), Murky Gel (crate in second prison complex)
Note: You won't be able to revisit this dungeon until you've acquired a ship, so better grab everything during your first visit.

Kroven Caverns (7 + all treasures reward + 2 hidden): Thick Scarf, 3 Small Syrups, Lucky Badge, 3 Purple Potions, Warrior Essence, Crescent Moon, 3 Small Tonics; 100 EXP (all treasures reward); Lucid Gel (mushroom near switch in southern part of first map when escaping), Murky Gel (mushroom north of the second blue switch when escaping)

Casanero (9 + all treasures reward + Quizzer + 3 hidden + 1 trade): 2 Small Tonics, Big Syrup, Incense, Angel Feather, Wizard Essence (treasure chest in item shop's lower right corner, obscured by plant pot), 2 Yellow Potions, 60 Fras, Small Syrup, Big Tonic; 150 Fras (all treasures reward); Rogue Badge (Quizzer, teddy bear in church, Evoker); Rare Bottle (flower pot on table on ground floor in house west of the church), Common Bottle (piano in church), Sparkle Gel (guestbook in inn); Vanilla Rum (NPC in pub, in exchange for Palmira Apple obtained in Palmira Village)

Cave east of Casanero (Seeker Badge): Warrior Essence, 200 Fras, Yellow Jewel

Draylin Trail (7 + all treasures reward + 2 hidden): 3 Yellow Potions, 2 Big Syrups, Warrior Essence, Sharing Incense, Hearty Badge, Horn Helmet, Cosmic Bond; 125 EXP (all treasures reward); Lucid Gel (tree before the bridge), Murky Gel (wall north of western torch)

Forest north of Draylin Trail's northern exit (Seeker Badge): Wizard Essence, Rare Bottle

Branca Base (7 + all treasures reward + Quizzer + 3 hidden + 1 trade): 2 Red Potions, Sharing Syrup, Phoenix Feather (treasure chest in lower right corner in easternmost house), 2 Big Tonics, Fighter Essence, Incense, Branca Orb; 175 Fras (all treasures reward); Knight Badge (Quizzer, pouch in easternmost house, Doom); Sparkle Gel (meal in easternmost house), Common Bottle (broom in weapon shop), Rare Bottle (flower pot on table next to counter inside the inn); Spring Water (NPC behind counter in Branca Base's planning room, in exchange for Vanilla Rum obtained in Casanero)

Sekmet Desert (8 + all treasures reward + 2 hidden): 3 Red Potions, Silk Gloves, Blessed Badge, 2 Big Tonics, Phoenix Feather, Double Divide, Magician Essence, Sharing Syrup; 150 EXP (all treasures reward); Murky Gel (bones next to 3 Red Potions treasure chest), Lucid Gel (bones next to Sharing Syrup treasure chest)

Sekmet (5 + all treasures reward + Quizzer + 3 hidden + 1 trade): Knight Essence, Phoenix Feather, 2 Orange Potions (treasure chest in upper right corner of equipment shop below bookcase), Sharing Syrup, 2 Big Tonics; 200 Fras (all treasures reward); Warrior Badge (Quizzer, sketch in building east of the inn, Emblem); Common Bottle (cabinet in Amalia's house), Rare Bottle (lower flower pot in equipment shop), Sparkle Gel (flower pot on table in inn); Black Sunglasses (NPC in equipment shop, in exchange for Spring Water obtained in Branca Base)

Forest northwest of Palmira Village (only reachable by ship) (Seeker Badge): Green Jewel, 400 Fras, Magician Essence

Forest southwest of Granavelle Depths (Seeker Badge): Blue Jewel, 300 Fras, Fighter Essence

Granavelle Depths (8 + all treasures reward + 2 hidden): 3 Orange Potions, Fighter Essence, Champion Belt, Phoenix Feather, Rabbit Heart, 2 Full Tonics, 2 Full Syrups, Tenacious Badge; 175 EXP (all treasures reward); Murky Gel (rock northwest of Champion Belt treasure chest), Lucid Gel (rock west of Rabbit Heart treasure chest)
Note: You won't be able - throughout the remainder of the game - to take the path leading to the dead end, so just ignore it (if it could be taken, it would only lead to the area explored during the Prologue).

Granavelle (7 + all treasures reward + Quizzer + 3 hidden + 1 trade): Sharing Tonic, Full Tonic, Full Syrup, 2 Angel Feathers, Magician Essence, 2 Pink Potions, 2 Incense; 225 Fras (all treasures reward); Sturdy Badge (Quizzer, rocking horse in item shop, Vermilion); Sparkle Gel (potted plant in house with 2 Angel Feathers treasure chest), Rare Bottle (book on table in pub), Common Bottle (flower pot in equipment shop); Trendy Umbrella (boy near snowman, in exchange for Black Sunglasses obtained in Sekmet)

Forest south of Lahan Village (Seeker Badge): Knight Essence, Rare Bottle

Cave on western side of Inchor continent (only reachable by upgraded ship) (Seeker Badge): Red Jewel, Warrior Essence, 400 Fras

Lahan Village (5 + all treasures reward + Quizzer + 3 hidden + 1 trade): Full Tonic, 2 Full Syrups (treasure chest in lower left corner of southeasternmost house, obscured by potted plant), Magician Essence, 2 Pink Potions, 2 Angel Feathers; 250 Fras (all treasures reward); Immunity Badge (Quizzer, differently looking treasure chest in Mayor's house, Lakria); Rare Bottle (cabinet in southeasternmost house), Sparkle Gel (cabinet in item shop), Common Bottle (cabinet in inn); Cuddly Rabbit (NPC in inn, in exchange for Trendy Umbrella obtained in Granavelle)

Lahan Forest (8 + all treasures reward + 2 hidden): 2 Pink Potions, Rainbow Cape, Phoenix Feather, 2 Full Tonics, Atonement, 2 Sharing Incense, Knowledge Badge, Wizard Essence; 200 EXP (all treasures reward); Lucid Gel (bush near Phoenix Feather treasure chest), Murky Gel (bush near Druid statue)
Note: Spin the statues so that they face in the same directions their counterparts at the beginning of the forest do.

Isolated Cabin (2 + all treasures reward + 1 hidden): Knight Essence, Warrior Essence (treasure chest outside obscured by tree); 125 Fras (all treasures reward); Rare Bottle (flower pot on left table)

Maiden's Temple (8 + all treasures reward): Rare Bottle, Magician Essence, Knight Essence, Wizard Essence, Fighter Essence, Warrior Essence, Maiden Gown, Rogue Essence; 250 EXP (all treasures reward)
Note: You need the four colored jewels (yellow, green, blue, red) to enter this location, but you can only delve deeper into this dungeon with a complete party when you're supposed to go to Inchor. Light all torches inside the dungeon and note all six clues written on the stone slabs, since you will have to answer randomly chosen questions from a predetermined set about these clues.

Inchor Aqueduct (6 + all treasures reward + 2 hidden): 2 Incense, 3 Brown Potions, Knight Essence, Feather Jacket, Vigorous Badge, Variable Weapon; 225 EXP (all treasures reward); Lucid Gel (roots in first Aqueduct Key room that only Emilia can enter), Murky Gel (roots in second Aqueduct Key room that only Emilia can enter)

Inchor (9 + all treasures reward + Quizzer + 3 hidden + 1 trade): 2 Phoenix Feathers, Full Syrup, Rare Bottle, 2 Full Tonics, 100 Fras (treasure chest in pub, obscured by potted plant), Wizard Essence, 2 Sharing Tonics, 2 Sharing Incense, Sharing Syrup (treasure chest in right room on second floor inside the inn, obscured by chair); 275 Fras (all treasures reward); Wonder Badge + 2 Rare Bottles (Quizzer, dress on second floor in house north of the inn near Rare Bottle treasure chest, Journey); Common Bottle (potted plant in weapon shop), Rare Bottle (piano in pub), Sparkle Gel (book on second floor in house next to library near 2 Sharing Tonics treasure chest); 2500 Fras + 2 Rare Bottles (NPC on second floor in house in northeastern corner, in exchange for Cuddly Rabbit obtained in Lahan Village)

Vorian's Manor (12 + all treasures reward + 8 hidden): Fighter Essence, 2 Full Syrups, 2 Phoenix Feathers, Elegant Badge, Sharing Tonic, Sharing Incense, Elegant Badge, Wizard Essence, Elegant Badge, 2 Full Tonics, Golden Shield, Sharing Syrup; 275 EXP (all treasures reward); Murky Gel (right potted plant in water fountain room), Rare Bottle (potted plant in room with loaves of bread on table, Sparkle Gel (sink in kitchen), Lucid Gel (bookshelf in room with black desk), Lucid Gel (chest of drawers in room with bathtub), Murky Gel (shoes in second save point room), Sparkle Gel (cabinet with teddy bear atop in left room of orange doors corridor), Rare Bottle (bookshelf in northeastern part of library)

Let me know if I've missed anything. Especially the sparkles that indicate hidden items can be hard to notice, but since I checked the maps and even the switches in RPG Maker 2003, I'm confident that I found them all.
Looks like someone should write a Walkthrough, like how Firefly84 did one for Lakria Legends :D
Villnoire isn't in need of a full walkthrough - even the final dungeon is manageable with a little bit of trial and error -, but I thought someone might deem the hidden items locations useful, although the game is fairly generous in handing out alchemy materials, so missing these hidden items doesn't really hurt the player.
Maxed out in the second dungeon!

The best part about this is that the second dungeon has only a few human enemies that don't ever respawn. It's more likely he maxed out in the first dungeon!

https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/785/stumbled on this, good ol times

16 year old Little Wing Guy is pure cringe. It's kind of cool to look back at this to see all the remnants of the old game and what remained versus what didn't. Names have changed, and some unnecessarily stupid plot points (A GIANT METEOR LIKE SPLIT VILLNOIRE CONVENIENTLY IN TWO OKAY) have been removed but the core concept and focus on characters is actually the same.

For anyone interested, here's a (hopefully) complete list of treasures that can be found in the game.

This is kind of amazing, thank you so much! I can only admire such a huge dedication to my game (should be expected from someone who level capped in practically the first dungeon). I never thought anyone would be interested in writing a guide or delving so deep into the game. With your permission I will probably add this as a tab on the game page for any completionists out there. I have no problem with things like this being spoiled, it's more story stuff I want to keep under wraps.

Looks like someone should write a Walkthrough, like how Firefly84 did one for Lakria Legends :D

I would never ever put anyone off writing a proper walkthrough (in fact I would love it) however I do have to agree with KyleLascar. The game is fairly linear and the objectives that pop up mostly act as the games internal walkthrough. I'd say that dungeons in Villnoire all have gimmicks rather than actual puzzles. It's something to keep the A to B feeling fresh. You could argue that the final dungeon does have a full blown puzzle, but I don't think it's anything too taxing.

That being said, I am now on my fifth PM (and counting) of someone completely stuck in Lahan Forest and needing help. Who knew that statue turning was going to be this games peak of difficulty!