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Original assets and future plans

Somehow (clearly though my bundles of charm and wit) I’ve managed to convince some poor soul to create some new character face sets for me. The face sets I was using previously were very muddy and dark. They didn’t really compliment the vibrant colours of First Seed, and half of them didn’t even look like the characters. Most importantly, they were rips from a commercial game - while I have no plans to go commercial at any stage I want to try and slowly phase out as much ripped content as I possibly can, just so I can make the project feel more a bit more like it’s mine. I’ve already updated all the screenshots on the page, but if you wanted to see them individually then here they are:

It’s nice to have something that is specifically created for this project, with the characters personalities considered, and matching the tone I’m after.

My next step is looking at an original soundtrack. It’s not something I’ve looked at too much before so I’m not too sure where to start. If anyone could point me in the right direction or recommend a friend, please hook me up! Many years ago, three tracks were created for this game by a friendly chap for free while he practiced his skills, but I never got around to using them. Not sure currently whether I want to start from scratch or use them as a starting point. Have a listen if you’re curious:

The Long Route

Noises in the Dark

Overgrown Path


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Aww. I like the old portraits.
But these are excellent too!
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