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Original Soundtrack now in production!

Well would you look at me? Updating the game page, working on my game and making regular blogs? I'm a changed man I tell ya!

If you can't tell by the title of this blog I now have found an amazing composer, Clayton Stroup to work on Villnoire with me. He's one of the nicest guys I've ever had the fortune to work with, and he's creating such a wonderful and diverse sound. It's been a really exciting past couple of weeks. An original soundtrack is best Christmas present I could have asked for (apart from socks of course). Currently it's still in production - only 6 of the 25 planned tracks have been made so far but Clayton has such a professional outlook and efficiency I'm certain it will be complete in no time. I'm having such a positive experience working with him, and I hope you all enjoy the end result as much as I do.

Anyway! If you'd like to keep up with the progress please head over to the shiny new "Original Soundtrack" tab or just click HERE. I'll be updating it regularly and I'll probably let you all know when it's complete. Thanks everyone for your continued support and belief in me, things really are moving along at a good pace - I won't let you down!