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Patched Download

Hey everyone!

Yes, yet another blog and yet another notification from this game (sorry about that). This is just a really quick blog to let anyone currently playing Villnoire they may experience a few bugs or glitches:

  • A graphical glitch with the cliffs in the Sekmet Desert.

  • The save point at the Isolated Cabin doesn't work properly.

  • A graphical glitch with the ladders in the Inchor Aqueduct.

  • The game crashes when fighting enemies in the Inchor Aqueduct (has only effected one person so far).

  • The game crashes when entering Vorian's Manor (has only effected one person so far).

All the above errors are fixed now and updated in the main download. If you've already downloaded the game before today (a huge thank you) I would suggest keep going as you are. These errors don't seem to effect everyone, but if you do get one of those errors, all you need to do is download the game again from the game page and transfer the save over. A little bit of a hassle I know, but I'm going to be constantly updating the download here every time a bug is mentioned (no matter how small).

Please do let me know if you encounter any other bugs that I haven't listed above. It's really important to me that players are uninterrupted and have a pleasant experience playing!

Thanks everyone for all your support, the response has been overwhelming, and I cannot believe how many people are giving this game a go!