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200 years ago, humans abandoned the Earth in an event known as the Great Exodus, leaving everything behind. As they left, they created a race of machines known as mechanical homunculi (or 'homechs' for short.) Their purpose: to care for the planet in their place and strive for the ultimate goal of humanity. Become as human as a machine possibly can, and one day the homechs can leave the Earth and join their creators. Such are the teachings of the Church of Humanity, the theocracy that currently governs homech society. But unfortunately, their goal is not without its challenges, as a legion of machine monsters, known as the Adversary, have also appeared, hellbent on wiping homechkind off the face of the Earth.

Amongst all this is a homech named Zeek, living in southern California with her father figure, a diminuitive and stern yet incredibly talented mechanic. During a trip to a nearby scrapyard to hunt for salvageable parts, she stumbles onto an underground, pre-Exodus facility, and finds a human girl in cryogenic sleep. When the girl wakes up, she finds she has no recollection of neither how she got there, nor the Exodus, as well as the reason why she has blue skin and hair and is able to summon blue flames. Whatever the reason, the military section of the Church, the Holy Guard, deems her too dangerous to be left alive, human or no, and tries to wipe her out, along with anyone who knows about her true nature. Thus, Zeek is forced to go on the run with the human girl as they try to figure out just what the hell is going on.

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