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Screenshot of the Week

I've created a screenshot of the week feature for starlessumbra.com.

A new screenshot is posted from a huge vault every Monday, automatically. You can view previous screenshots and so on. Obviously this first week is a test, so the first screenshot isn't terribly exciting. I'll be adding more and hopefully I can keep up with the content to have something new for you to see every week.

I also plan on adding an RSS feed so you can subscribe to that if you want. :P




Do you use twitter?

If so, please comment with a link so I have some people to follow.

I will be posting snippets of development here if you're interested:


SU 6.05 added

This is just a minor fix that's probably required if you intend to play through without battles. (Yes, I had forgotten to disable a boss.)

In addition, there were a few dialogue fixes--nothing too major. I did update the front page with a new synopsis and other random thoughts, though.

Lastly, SU chapter 7 is coming late this year.

That's about it. Happy gamemaking. :)


Currently Playing: Legends of Illarion


Play SU without any battles.

I must be nuts, but if you download my latest version of SU (6.04), you can disable battles if you'd like. Just press the right arrow key while you select your difficulty at the beginning of the game.

My hope is that if you played this game a long time ago (hell, even 2-4 months ago) and you'd like to play through again to see what's new (as always, there is quite a bit) you should be able to without having to deal with the hassle of the DBS. (which will be eventually phased out and replaced with a nice alternative in the future).

Or maybe you're just lazy and you hate the DBS. Either way, give it a try if you feel like playing. There's enough elsewhere, I feel, to keep yourself engaged in the game.

Thanks for reading.



[SU] Thank you for over 1,000 downloads!

As the title said, I've just hit over 1,000 cumulative downloads from starlessumbra.com, and a little over 400 of those are just from my newest release, Chapter 6. That averages to about two downloads a day since I launched the website under its new name with my Chapter 4 release in Christmas '07.

Needless to say, this excites me greatly. I've just finished adding an additional cutscene in chapter five that includes a playable portion. Screenshots have been added as well.

I can't say this enough, but thank you for following this game! I will keep you guys updated, and as always let me know what you think of it.



There are a few new screenshots on SU.com


Expect these and more to be posted on RMN at a later date.

Happy March!


Chapter Six

Chapter six ought to be finished in a few months. I don't advertise my progress for two reasons:

1. I want for you to experience the game rather than look at it through screenshots.
2. This is a perk for those of you going out of your way to track the game's progress.

I will also need beta testers soon. Stay tuned.



I just want to remind you that this game is in rapid progress. I don't update here much because I've coded my own website for that sort of thing. So if you haven't yet and you're interested yet, check out the forums:


And if you're RSS-savvy, subscribe to my feed:

Happy Holidays!


RSS Feed! Woah cool!

I've coded an RSS feed to SU.com so you can easily be notified through some sort of RSS reader (I use Google Reader but there are dozens out there) when I post game updates. Subscribe to keep up-to-date with SU:


Thank you, and take care!
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