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Starless Umbra: an amazing rm2k3 game.

  • Stedar
  • 05/28/2009 02:46 PM
I remember when I first got into Rpg Maker sometime about 4-5 years ago. After searching around the huge internet full of Rm2k3 games, resources, and tutorials, I somehow came across a curious game called Dragon Heart.

I started playing this interesting new game to find just how much it raised the bar for other Rm2k3 Rpgs. It was mind-blowing at the time and I just didn't understand how much effort must have put into it as well as the level of knowledge of Rm2k3 that was present. When I had finished the demo...

I thought it was over, a simple demo only reaching Chapter 2, with its resources hidden and plot unfinished.

I was wrong. It's been a very long time and this project is still growing and continuing, getting stronger and greater each time. I'm not sure about the other fans, but after playing this and partially growing up with it I can safely say that I will be sticking around to the very end.

There aren't many chipset artists out there creating new and exciting graphics to use for rm2k3 rpgs, but the graphics of this game were very good and quite the opposite of cliché. Although many in the rm2k3 community hate to see the mixing of chipsets and styles, Starless Umbra would not be what it is without it. Hindering your games by only using a select artist or style of chipsets is incredibly stupid and partially kills the gaming experience. Sure, some of SU's chipsets and graphics clash a bit, but all the amazing areas and scenes could not be accomplished with one set of graphics only. (Poor Hero I...) Sprite animations are top notch (and improving as time goes on!) and it is truly a one of a kind gaming experience.

The story is one of the greatest parts of SU. It's deep, emotional, fulfilling, and even suspenseful. Mysteries are constant and seeing them through becomes part of your deepest desires while you play. Mysteries are revealed as the game goes on and new ones are added, always leaving you with something else to wonder about. The plot twists are also amazing and the characters are lovable and developed really well.

One of SU's greatest accomplishments under its belt is its gameplay. Dragonheartman really knows what makes a great game and a unique gaming experience. Between puzzles, dungeons and minigames, SU has it all when it comes to fun and challenging gameplay. With each new dungeon comes a puzzle and with each chapter comes more and more minigames. One question I had while playing through was, \"How does he do all this/come up with this!?\" It's truly amazing. One of my few complaints in this area are the random encounters and the battle system, however this is not a murk on Starless Umbra but merely on Enterbrain for not enhancing the standard battle system more than it is.

The music of SU is amazing. None of the music is music you've heard in a million other rm2k3 games and some of it is even custom made for the game itself. Between mystical themes and stupefying scores, SU's music department isn't lacking at all.

As a result:

Graphics: 9/10
Storyline: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Music: 10/10

It's a bit of a jump and I hate to sound like such a fanboy fag, but this game certainly deserves a 10/10.