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  • Added: 01/09/2014 11:52 AM
  • Last updated: 08/16/2022 05:01 AM


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A small criticism with this map:

1,2,3,4 - when making objects with a similar color than the ground tile (even if they're not supposed to stand out) I recommend using the select tool to select an imaginary "outline" (the bounaries with the floor tile) then mess with brightness (if the object is slightly darker than the floor, create a slightly lighter outline & vice-versa), this increases readability and is very interesting. =)

5. One thing I note in most of your maps is that they tend to lack depth. You need more, prominent shadows! I added a shadow at 5 to make it stand out from the ground and add depth, it doesn't matter if light is coming from the opposite direction (therefore theoretically erasing the shadow) as that won't really happen unless it's a pretty strong lightsource, and if that's the case you have other methods to give the player a feeling of depth. Depth in this perspective is very hazardrous... xD

BTW did you ever try to work with other perspectives? I don't know if you made 8-directional sprites, but there are quite a few fun perspectives that can add depth to the scenery~~

http://wayofthepixel.net/index.php?topic=7930.0 <- SOBS changes perspective all of the time <3

Sorry if I annoy, but I do hope that those tips help you a little in future maps :>

Regardling shadows, you can make very subtle shadows in the tileset and apply over the (i assume) parallax xD
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Yeah I tend to be a bit hesitant with my shadows. I did do some, but they do need to be darkened into order to fix up the depth issues. The side-view map of the sewer is better in this regard.

In fact in terms of five there is a layer doing exactly that, it's just got the opacity up quite high (the whole thing is made in GIMP)

In regards to other perspectives I do intend on doing some maps where you'll be primarily running in the 3/4 directions (I did make 8 directional sprites) but the sprites are so big that anything more dramatic than that causes issues. The perspective of the sprites is slightly off in RM terms as it is it's not as noticeable when sprites are small, but it definitely is with sprites this size.

I wouldn't mind doing a proper world map, but I haven't quite figured out how to handle it. It's a lot of painting and set pieces, along with scripts, and the world would have to be split up into different sections to eliminate lag.

But really it's a matter of tiles. I'm the sole artist on the project and I use mainly RTP/made-for-RTP in an 'artistic' manner to replicate the maps, painting what's needed when it's needed. It's a lot of work as is, and fully making 3/4 view maps often would be extremely taxing when I already have so much sprite work and artwork to be doing. I do want to make this game the best it can be, but I also try to keep my workload within viable boundaries. It'd kill my motivation for mapping to do that, and I barely have any as-is.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Fixed up the shadows and added the pathway between either side that I'd forgotten.
I like your custom work here. It's a nice perspective if FF8 was 2d.
I don't really like the texture of the floor and the walls. The light kind of makes them feel like paper D:
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