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In the wake of Ultimecia's defeat, one of the sweeping changes to Garden's structure Squall made was the restriction on GF use. With the memory loss aspect more than proven, and unfortunate side effects also seeming to follow, an alternative was needed, with Junction being declared as Garden's last resort-- to be used only when an active Sorceress threat was present.

In its place, Squall and Edea collaborated with Esthar to create 'Extension' technology.

Effectively an external exo-skeleton, the base Extension technology would be installed on top of the user's spinal column, using it to form a connection with the brain. A base line, 'Physical Ability Extension' node is added first, that brings the user to a 'median' between their normal ability and their abilities accessible when fueled by pain, desperation and adrenaline.

Additional nodes, developed to emulate other's abilities or the powers of GFs, can be added afterward. These are known as 'Supplementary Physical Ability Extensions' (S-PAE) and 'Guardian Force Extensions' (GFE).

GFE are developed in conjunction with Garden, and thus can only emulate GFs they have access to. GFEs also follow the same compatibility typing as their GF equivalents, which eases transition for heavy GF users.

The initial prototype variant of Extension technology was tested by a small selection of SeeDs -- Squall, Irvine and Nida. The 1.0 variant cannot be removed, but this testing phase allowed the 2.0 to be more lightweight and removable with a quick (albeit requiring an anaesthetic) procedure.

Esthar scientists are still researching a means of removing the 1.0 variant safely.

Humans are capable of holding an excessive amount of magic energy in their bodies, something that was discovered during Junction's initial testing. Thus, Extension can use that same magic, enabling the ability for humans to draw magic into themselves and then converting it into pure energy for Extension use. This is how GF power is replicated.

Of course, the removal of overall ability enhancements from Junction and the inability to Summon in a pinch meant that many were slow on the uptake, lamenting Squall's decision as overbearing.

In fact, Squall himself had Eden with him when he disappeared in Dollet...


  • Extensions were developed to replace Guardian Forces, though Guardian Forces are still used by Garden.

  • They come in three types: PAE, S-PAE, and GFE.

  • Humans can use standard magic energy to power Extensions.



Following the Sorceress War, Junk Shops increased their offerings, allowing more modification and user input in developed weapons. Thus was Transport and Delivery conceived (and no, it's not a shipping company.)

Transports (or TSPs) are the base piece of equipment -- think the handle of a gunblade, the chain of nunchaku, or the launcher of a blaster edge. These effect the weapon's handling.

Deliveries (or DVRs) are the blades, sticks, cords of weapons, and these effect the weapon's damage.

TSPs and DVRs can be combined however the user wishes, creating their most optimal weapon.


Accessories can add effects and abilities that do not use up precious passive or skill slots, and thus are extremely valuable and extremely rare.


To be updated.


In SLH, dungeons operate on effective co-operation of your player characters. Each member has different abilities that can open new paths, solve puzzles and help you progress. Majority of dungeon exploration in SLH is optional but either way it combines strategy in both field and battle scenes.
Encounters are 'random', however every map has a limited number of mobs and once they have been encountered, the map will be considered cleared. Once a map is cleared, the option to re-clear and increase the encounter rate becomes available. There are also certain bonuses to clear an entire area's maps.


To be updated.


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What does PAE and GFE stand for, exactly? ...Also, why the word "Junction" is nowhere to be seen in this document? =(
What does PAE and GFE stand for, exactly? ...Also, why the word "Junction" is nowhere to be seen in this document? =(
I, too, have difficulties understanding these two abbreviations, but for the second thing there might be an explanation, but I can't think of a good one.
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
PAE = Penile Ascension Energy

GFE = Girlfriend Eradication
I'm guessing GFE is Guardian Forces but PAE is super unfamiliar.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm guessing GFE is Guardian Forces but PAE is super unfamiliar.

That was my guess, given the context of the blog. I'm 95% sure that PAE is some kind of "role" a character gets, but I could be messing this up with FF8 Cannibal Mafia wrong.
It could be Party Ability Equip but yeah.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I kinda forgot to add what the terms mean!

I'll add it to the system tab and here as well.

GFE is short for 'Guardian Force Extension'. PAE is short for 'Physical Ability Extension'. 'Extensions' are metallic accessories developed by Esthar as a replacement for Junctioning Guardian Forces, and are called 'Extentions' because they are an 'extension' of a Guardian Force's power, and a PAE is an extension of a person's natural power.
Although a GFE removes all memory erasure caused by the junctioning of GF, it means that their full power can be used (no more Summonings, sorry- plot device!). Because of this, a number of SeeD had continued to still dominantly use GF's.
PAEs were developed to compensate for this removal of power and grant the user new power. Equipping new PAEs can change their skill list, but the core of a PAE rests in its user.
PAEs, essentially, are the definition of classes. The 'Class' tab is used to name the character's PAEs. For example, Squall's is Relentless Revolver.
GFEs accumulate in levels, and the higher the level, the closer the Extension is to the real power of the GF. However, it can never be fully replicated.
For ease of databasing and equipping, 'special' members still use PAEs.
Additional GFE slots can be gained, and there is an additional PAE slot gained later in the game to allow 'sub-classes' such as Thief (adding Mug and/or Steal) or Medic (Adding Recovery and/or Treatment).
As demonstrated above, GF additional skills can be added through PAE, but they can also be accessed by higher level GFE, and some are GFE exclusive (for example, Diablos's Encounter-None).
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
What does PAE and GFE stand for, exactly? ...Also, why the word "Junction" is nowhere to be seen in this document? =(

Because no one in their right mind would continue using GF without seeking an alternative that doesn't cause memory loss. Additionally, due to a plot related incident, the use of GF's is almost impossible.

edit: this incident also happens to be the way I get rid of Lv. 100 hohohoho take that FF10-2 and your lack of explaining why Yuna can't do shit now
Oh, yeah. That. ...FF8's plot is so bad that I never care to remember those absurd details. For me, junctioning was just a cool game mechanic; one that I'd like to see back somehow. So, as long as you cover the basics of it, I don't care how's called or how you implement it.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Sorry to burst your bubble, but this game's got very little in common with the original battle system. Not to say we've just used the VXA default, but think like this- this game draws upon a Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children style plot, Final Fantasy X-2 in mechanics,Crisis Core for music, and a mix of the last two for gameplay flow. The entire concept of Junction tied into Guardian Force use, so eliminate GF from the equation and you can't legitimize Junctioning. (As you couldn't have Yuna summoning Aeons in X-2).

FF8's plot is flawed in ways, but I and my group clearly like it enough to make a legitimate fangame, so we're not deviating from what was already there. Memory loss is canon, and logical thinking dictates that you stop using something that'll make you unable to differentiate between a pumpkin and a potato.

Of course smokers can't see this reasoning so I mean, some idiots would still use it, but I quickly eliminate that possibility too...by killing some idiots.

Aww, there goes part of my enthusiasm for this game. :( ...But seriously though, you could very well "legitimize" junctioning with these "metallic devices" if you wanted to, just as you still justify getting new abilities from Guardian forces with them. What's the player gonna care suspending their disbelief one way or the other? The important thing is to still being able to link 99 Ultimas to your Strength and pwn some asses bosses. You could even do it in a more controlled way so the idea doesn't sound as broken too...

But, oh well. A job system is fine too. xP
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Junction is flawed. It discourages magic use and encourages hoarding, meaning that majority of FF8 is spent using the Attack command. I do it, everyone else does it. I want players to use a different strategy, and move away from Aura>Renzokuken>Repeat.
Yeah, but that's what I meant with a "more controlled way". You're the developer, is up to you to figure out a way that encourages magic use and discourages hoarding, while still maintaining "the basics of it" and make it fun... Anyway, a job system is always a safer bet. And one inspired in FFX-2's may actually be a nice trade-off. I'll wait and see.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I want players to use a different strategy, and move away from Aura>Renzokuken>Repeat.

The funny thing about this is that the most enjoyment I had from the combat engine of FF8 was using a conjunction of Set HP codes with an All Party Members Invincible code. That's right, I used cheat codes. I'm terrible like that.
I feel stabbed for no summoning. ;~;
But even if you can't summon it'd be cool to access each GF's sub ability, such as instead of Diamond Dust you can use Heavenly Strike while Shiva's equipped >_>
For the flare >_>
Making those abilities unique, wich effects scaling directly on Gf level, would be perfect. Such as Heavenly Strike DMG = (ShivaLv*30)*(UserMag*4) - EnemySPI*5 or something like that >_>
Just so that they're useful the whole game and never broken. And by unique I mean, Heavenly Strike delaying CTB and, say, being the only ability in the whole game that doesn't delay the attacker while doing so, etc.

Just ideas >A> >A> >A>
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Interesting. We're still in the process of designing skill sets, so...

That said, I've generally cut a lot of what I felt broke the game difficulty-wise. Although FF8 attempted to break the grinding cycle, the fact that Junction + GFs + Limit Breaks broke the game is undeniable.

I'm hoping that the emphasis on character strengths and abilities makes up for it ;~;

note: I love your avatar omg
It will be definately interesting to see a more character-oriented skillset instead of, like FF8, characters being clean slates only differing by their Limit Breaks. *w*
It's cool to see the character's personalities reflected on their battle behaviour. <3
Talking about limit breaks MAINTAIN SELPHIE'S AWESOME LB >_>
also i want so bad to see a pixel version of The End
It'll have to be redesigned to work on the CTB but Maintain it in a way or another >_>
IT's simply the most awesome LB of the whole game >_>
(also why the hell Edea's LB is a boring... Ice-thingy? Oh god that was pathetic)

About the avatar... It's your fault, I'm playing FFVIII again due to your goddamn projects and your avatar! e_e
Quistis is awesome *w*
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Selphie is a Gambler by class, so of course she has Slot, as well as a couple of other cool abilities (read: passive ability that gives her the chance of following up an attack with a rocket launcher)

edit: I have attempted to make 'The End' once, the dregs of the common event call for it still remain in CC. In order to do it in XP though you needed to change the battleback mid-animation and in general it was a huge pain in the butt.

We'll see how Ace copes with this.
You could actually change the BG before the animation =>
Like a Flash Screen, then when the screen fades back the BG has already changed.
Just add some cute petals floating around and BAM you got yourself The End
Should be easier to script than BG changing mid-animation =D
Wait min is Squall the Commander of SeeD why does he need need to rank up?
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