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Final Fantasy: Discovery is an RGSS3 learning project aiming to mimic popular Final Fantasy series mechanics and blend them into a single game.

For decades, since the discovery of the Fire Crystal in Palamecia, the nation has been growing increasingly bold, looking to expand their territory and grip over Gaia. Of the five nations that make up the world of Gaia, only the Burmecian kingdom of Figaro has prepared themselves to challenge Palamecia, led by Emperor Vayne...

Fifty years after the Crystal's unearthing, a young girl, Ashe, emerges from where it once slept, claiming to have come from a gateway to other worlds similar to Gaia. She appears with a dire warning; the Crystals of Gaia and many other worlds are in danger. After a chance encounter with Lyra, the Princess of Tycoon, Ashe sets out with her to stabilize Gaia's Crystal of Fire...

A former Palamecian engineer and airship pilot, exiled from his home after an incident in the past, embarks on a mission to infiltrate Palamecia and observe, and if possible, steal the Fire Crystal from Palamecia. What he finds there launches him to join the bigger fight against the Empire...

A stalwart Dragoon, Reeve, from the Burmecian seat of power in Figaro, leaves the kingdom to work alongside Mysidian twins, Wedge and Vicks, on various assignments from the Elder of Mysidia. He hopes to reclaim the honor that the Burmecian Dragoons once held long ago, when his father was a Dragoon under the previous king...

In Figaro, the king's personal bodyguard, Beclem, finds a young female Caller on death's door after a long journey from Aquaria, and takes her under his care. The girl, Ellie, reveals that the Esperkind her people communicate with also feel that many worlds are in danger of utter collapse. They will need to unite the humans and Esperkind once again, as it was in the distant past, to overcome the battles ahead...

Across the mountains, in the Sanubian deserts where the famous Gold Saucer rises from the earth, the leader of a secret spy organization finds information important to Figaro's mission. The time for her to choose a side has come, and Parker, of the Gold Saucer Syndicate, always picks the winning side...

Far to the south, in Ivalice, a civil war is brewing between various political figures, coinciding with the relentless defense of the borders against demons emanating endlessly from a civilization long since destroyed. A young Lionguard trainee, Leon, is tasked with ending Ivalice's plight, allowing the once mighty nation to stand up against Palamecian advances...

In the Bisga Greenlands, home to chocobos, moogles, and people of all kinds, a reclusive hunter watches in horror as the Palamecian war machine marches on her lands. The hunter, Priscilla, vows to put an end to their destruction of Gaia's natural resources...

Deep undercover in Palamecia's military ranks, a rebel soldier who's been fighting the Palamecian Empire almost his entire life is about to bring his organization into the light, for the sake of defeating them. With his custom firearms in hand, Kelger joins the fray...

Final Fantasy Discovery is very much about bringing it all together, both in terms of mechanics and the game's story. I hope you enjoy it.

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I have loved this game since the first demo. I played it a bunch. I cannot wait for a new one^^
Is this game really supposed to learn RGSS3 coders to make a Final Fantasy style game?
Is this game really supposed to learn RGSS3 coders to make a Final Fantasy style game?

No, I started it to teach myself how to use RGSS3.
Is this game really supposed to learn RGSS3 coders to make a Final Fantasy style game?
No, I started it to teach myself how to use RGSS3.

Is this game really supposed to learn RGSS3 coders to make a Final Fantasy style game?
No, I started it to teach myself how to use RGSS3.

You know, I started one of my major projects to learn how to map and design better. May I ask your recommendations for someone to learn RGSS3?
Well, for me, I picked up most of what I know, which is admittedly still not significant, by editing scripts that actual people who know what they're doing wrote :D

After staring at code for so long, you'll start to see why they work the way they do, I suppose. There's also lots of references online. For example I was sort of not understanding how things like "each.do" and stuff worked so I googled "ruby syntax each" and read up on it.
Ahh thanks. I've just wanted to learn exactly that honestly. Thanks for the advice! :) Also, still extremely excited to play this!
I am finalizing something pretty neat at the moment. I'm excited to show it.
Pretty sure I speak for all the subscribers when I say "I'm excited to see it!"
Hello! How are you all doing? I hope everything's fine.
Actually I'm here to ask if the "End of Summer" demo will be coming (I don't even particularly care if it's September or even December this year at this rate). I'm just very curious and hyped about the game.
Been a huge fan of this game ever since i found out about it. I cannot wait to see all your changes put in place. I've been checking up on it for a long time now. Cannot wait to see it!!!
We're all still working hard. Avee, in fact, has created over 130 different character sets to use in the game, and that number continues to rise.

Paul has had to take some time off from development, unfortunately, but when he returns, lots of new map stuff will be our focus. As for me, planning out the mechanics of dungeons and bosses so they can be created very quickly when Paul gets back has been my primary goal lately.

I did flirt with the idea of allowing characters to level past 99, but that's something I'd have to discuss with Paul and test accordingly before any final decision is made on it.
Over 130 character sets!? What a beast, that one! ;)

The highest level characters can attain normally in the series is level 100 in Final Fantasy VIII and in Dissidia IIRC. I'm not sure how much you'd like to rise it, but I guess it's alright since non-HP-and-MP growth is mainly covered by Magicites when a character levels up (and have equipped a desired Magicite at the time of a level up as well).
Things have been eerily silent lately! You guys still alive?
Yes, indeed! Still going. Slowly, but still going.
So this game is taking the extra mile with custom stuff. I can't wait to see what this game is going to be like.
Our hope is to be MOSTLY custom stuff. We've hit roadblocks but we're still working hard on it. :D
Wow! this looks like a very nice recreation of the Final Fantasy series!! seeing manny cameo appearances of my FF games in one RPG game!! :D xDD

I'm looking forward for this! :)
Don't mind me asking, but what percentage is this project at now? :)
Not sure if anyone talked about this yet, but if you do new game +, if you would do it like devil survivor dose, that would be awesome. Meaning you get points for achievements and before you start new game +,you could distribute those points for stuff like new bosses, carry over equipment, level multiplier, money multipliers, new character maybe. Also I hate it when The levels stay the same on new game +, I just dont find it fun to play at that point, making it optional would be the way to go.