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Quick Resource Release

While we have decided to protect all of our original graphic files in future releases of the game, any rips that I grab for use in FFD will be released, as they should be.

So, over the last week I've spent time ripping the battle backgrounds out of Final Fantasy VI for iOS. Those following our Twitter page may have noticed that I mentioned it a few days ago. It took me a while because I actually had to play through most of the game to get them, and painfully rip them by molding together different screen captures.

There's a few missing because of screen effects that made my method for getting them ineffective, but all in all, there are 45 really nice battle backgrounds that I've uploaded to the FF Wikia page.


Check them out, and use as you wish! Enjoy!

(The only background that I can rip that is still missing is the rafters in the Opera House. I didn't have a save near that point in the game, so I started a new file and I'm working my way towards it now. I'll add it when I can)


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And for those of you looking to save yourself the time of resizing the images for use in RPG Maker VX/Ace, I've create an archive with both the untouched images, and a collection of 640 x 416 cropped versions.

Final Fantasy VI iOS Battle Backgrounds Collection

Enjoy! Expect to see a lot of these used in FFD as well.
These are cool to have, thanks!
Cool this will be awesome thanks.
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