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RSD and the Big Giant Skills Recode

Thanks to all of you who gave feedback on our Release Something Day video! We were hoping for more, but no biggie! Your insights were duly noted (especially on the subject of sound effects; I totally agree). So, I wanted to take a second to give some details on what the three of us are up to right now, in terms of our work on the game.

Paul is perhaps the busiest of us all, working on location and character artwork, as usual. He is also doing a hell of a job planning out future animation sequences for abilities like Limit Breaks and summons. Currently, I think he is aiming for designing the Palamecian Research Facility (now called the Palamecian Geofront in-game for those who might have been confused by the mention of it in our RSD video).

Avee has been on a consistent roll with bringing Paul's character designs to life in sprite form, completing well over a dozen sprites in a really short amount of time, and all of them are insanely good. Really. I cannot wait to get another release out because of them.

That leaves me! So, not sure if anyone is aware of this, but FFD has been getting bigger and more ambitious over time, to the point where I started to worry if we'd run out of space for Skills, Enemies, and Troops in the game's database. RPG Maker VX allows a maximum of 999 in each of those categories, and I was somewhere up to around 600 skills in the game. So, I started to analyze each skill, deciding what should stay, what should go, where I could free up space for new skills.

In the end, I was able to use a Database Limit Breaker to up our maximums to around 2,000 so it's no longer a concern. However, I am sticking with my task here and making sure we don't have a bunch of useless things floating around in-game that most players will never use.

For instance, a few of Cid's Tool abilities are history. Scanner, Deconstructor, and Magitek Launcher have been cut. The first two, I doubt players would use often because Cid will almost always be played as an attacker. Both of those skills also have effects that are available to other characters. The Magitek Launcher was cut because Cid already has an AoE attack in Auto-Bowgun and a launcher-type skill seems a little too familiar to his second Limit Break (which is new, we'll explain sometime later).

That's just an example. Some characters have gotten skills ADDED rather than taken away. The goal was to condense the skills list and take out any lingering useless stuff from our status in development months ago.

I also want to talk a little bit about some upcoming things, like the number of Aeons the player can obtain. To put it lightly, the number of Nethicite Aeons the player can get their hands on has risen. A lot.

Finally, really awesome changes coming to Beclem! Can't say how yet, but when I can demonstrate it, I will do that as soon as possible.


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More Aeons mean more fun! I was always a fun of summoning.

And wow, you're blowing the poor database. ;P
Its pretty inspiring how far this game has come. Was this you first RPG Maker game?
Its pretty inspiring how far this game has come. Was this you first RPG Maker game?
I think a Fire Emblem fan game was one of William's earlier projects.
Its pretty inspiring how far this game has come. Was this you first RPG Maker game?
I think a Fire Emblem fan game was one of William's earlier projects.

Nope, not me. I was doing some work on a Breath of Fire II (RMXP) remake but that died out I guess. Never heard from the other people working on it after a while. I've worked on a bunch of different things but never completed my own thing. FFD will be the first.

I also want to note that Parker has gotten a lot of things updated with her skills (and her sprites are done too, Noel, we'll show them sometime).
Yep! I am currently in the midst of reworking some of the maps for the NERV Palamecian Geofront right now.

Maps have been my focus for a while now... I need to go back to battlers soon.
It pleases me to hear about Parker's sprites; I can't wait to see them!
And you'll be rocking dem maps, Paul. ;)

Also, will you include some kind of map layout for each location? They are large after all, and even a simple popup minimap with squares somewhere showing on which map of the location are you, something like Type-0 has.
I don't think mini-maps are a necessity. Exploration is half the fun!
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