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Some Visual Updates

Hello there, RMN! Been a while since I had something new to post, but here we are. In my last blog posting, I went over the situation with Paul's absence. That was a while back, and I'm sad to say the situation remains the same as it was when I made that blog post. But, wherever Paul is, we hope he's doing OK.

Work continues, though! Being that we are currently down one artist, I've focused on scripting, battle system stuff, and all the bells and whistles with the visuals that I can.

Here's a screenshot showing just a little bit of how we've updated the look of the battle scene.

In the image above, you can see we've made a slightly less jumbled HUD for the party, only showing gauges for their ATB and Limit Breaks (which will be cut up into three charges just as soon as I overcome a small hurdle with the Z layers of some images). Limit Charges were covered in my last blog post, for anyone who doesn't remember.

In addition to that, we've widened the command window a bit, to allow more text space for some of the longer ability set names (i.e. Alphinaud's "Arcane Magick"). You can see a frame of Jihl's battle sprites here, which Avee did a wonderful job on! Alphinaud and Alisaie are also complete and in-game, as well as Ellie. We'll be seeing them pop up in some screens very soon.

Speaking of Jihl, she is one of our unlockable guest characters that can be permanently recruited into the party via the Arrowny Gallery (covered in previous blog postings here). Here, you can see her ability sets. Sabotage has a small range of utility abilities like Libra and Jinx, to name a couple. Debilitate works much like Spellblade, with the notable exception being that Jihl doesn't have to rely on having a magic user in the party with her to use them. For that reason, the MP costs for using her versions of those abilities are slightly higher.

Status condition icons went through a bit of a change. With some scripting, I was able to make smaller versions of the icons shown in menus, which are at the standard 24x24 dimensions. However, in battle, they are 16x16, and shown in the space under the ATB and Limit Break gauges. This small change affects battles in two big ways, visually; we can show more status conditions per character, and their placement under the gauges allows players to always see them, even when the command window on the right is visible. While I didn't have any status conditions active when I took this screenshot, I will be sure to show that in my next few uploads.

Well, that's about it for this one. Until next time!


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Oh, I almost forgot! The digits for a character's HP and MP will change to a different color when they are 100% full, giving the player a visual guide to let them know whether they should heal or not.

Also, the color for MP is a bit dark here, so I made a bit lighter after posting this.
This looks really cool!
Is that an enemy sprite from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius? It looks different from the style of the smarphoned Final Fantasy VI so I'm 99.9% sure it's FFBE. If so, those sprites will certainly look great in your game!
I think I'm gonna cry... Jihl as a(n optional) playable character! I think she'll sooner be playable here than in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. OTL I hope her Limit is Sadistic Surge, hopefully as faithfully animated as possible since it might be a bit hard to make it for 2D.

Ooh~! I can't wait for the demo if that would happen.
Good luck to y'all~!
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